About Michael Landers





Michael Landers

Shore Consulting Certified Trainer

For the past 12 years, Michael Landers has designed and facilitated programs for global corporations in the areas of cross-cultural communication, cultural diversity and international recruiting. Today Michael provides his clients with tools to navigate the complexities of global business with an emphasis on selling across cultures.

Michael has conducted business in over 25 countries, including building and growing a consulting business in Japan, staffing a global advertising conglomerate throughout Europe and leading a business development initiative in Latin America. These experiences have left him with a strong understanding of the pitfalls and challenges business professionals face while working with the global community.

Michael holds a Master of Global HR Management from Lesley University and his client list includes Apple, Yahoo, Google and Samsung Electronics.

“There was a sense of genuine enthusiasm for the opportunity to learn and grow. Michael’s approach was real and at times hit home to the point where he was really able to grab the aha moments they needed to relate. Yesterday was a reveal of how and why we are experiencing some of the frustrations we have and he gave us tips on how to handle them in the future. All very exciting, it was absolutely worth the investment for our team.”