Author: Amy O'Connor


4 Pillars You Need to be an Exemplary Leader

All leaders set out with the best intentions. They all desire greatness. No leader ever wakes up in the morning and says “boy, I hope I really screw up this leadership thing today.” So what separates the greats from everyone else? Amy O’Connor found there are four primary pillars that all great leaders embody.

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Showing Interest

Want to Be a Better Closer? Show That You’re Interested

Think about the people you most enjoy talking to, that you respond best to and open up most easily to, regardless of how well you know them. What is it that makes you want to talk to them? It is that they show a sincere interest in you. Imagine if you were that sincere in your interest of your customers.

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Pre Qualifying Customers

Why You Need to Stop Qualifying Your Buyers So Early

Meet, greet, qualify and repeat. Sound about right? This is sequence most sales people use when meeting a buyer for the first time. But Amy O’Connor says, if a buyer is in front of you, talking to you, give them the courtesy of believing that they are a ready, willing and able buyer until you discover otherwise.

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Self managing team

3 Steps to Creating Your Self-Managing Sales Team

“A self managing sales team? Come on. You gotta be kidding me. Do those really exist? Is it possible for my team to become self managing?” Yes and yes! Amy O’Connor shares with us the three steps to creating a self-managing sales team.

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Win the Toss-Up Sales

How The Best Salespeople Win “Toss-Up” Sales

Ah, the toss-up sale. This sale is up for grabs and could go in a variety of different directions. These sales are your 1+ sales. They put you over the top in both your sales quota and your earning potential. Amy O’Connor shares with us how to win the toss-up sale.

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Dealing with Rejection When You Lose the Sale

Hearing ‘no’ from a buyer when we ask a closing question is never fun. It can even feel an awful lot like personal rejection, and we often take it personally. Amy O’Connor shares how to shake it off and focus on the next opportunity.

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Non Urgent Customer

3 Closing Techniques for Your “Non-Urgent” Buyer

It’s every salesperson’s worse nightmare – the non-urgent buyer. The buyer who says they are in no rush to make any type of decision. In fact, they may not even buy at all according to them. But Amy O’Connor says that’s just B.S. – buyer strategy! It’s important to understand that the buyer’s number one strategy is to appear non-urgent in front of a sales person.

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Sales Hero

3 Critical Elements to Becoming Your Customer’s Sales Hero

From the consumer’s perspective, making a buying decision can feel like mental gymnastics. Buying is often confusing and overwhelming. Enter the sales hero – a sales professional who senses the distress and saves the day. To be a sales hero, you must help your customer achieve clarity and certainty in three critical decision-making areas.

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