Author: Amy O'Connor

Revolutionize Meetings

5 Ideas for Revolutionizing Your Weekly Sales Meetings

Who likes sales meetings less – the poor salespeople being forced to attend them or the overworked sales managers who dread planning and running them? I suggest that both parties often find them excruciatingly uncomfortable – even painful. But, what if you could change that paradigm? Amy O’Connor shows you 5 ways to rock your next sales rally.

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Impressing Customers

25 Easy Ways to Impress Your Sales Prospect

Put on your consumer hat for a moment. When was the last time a sales presentation really impressed you? Most companies get busy and forget to focus on creating memorable moments for their buyers. Here are 25 quick and easy ways to impress your customers.

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Bad sales day

3 Questions to Ask Yourself After a Bad Sales Week

Having a bad sales day? Eh. Shrug it off. Chalk it up to being “just one of those days.” Having a bad sales month? Okay. Pause. Time to evaluate. Amy O’Connor says that bad sales months happen to the best salespeople. So, while a bad sales month isn’t necessarily fatal, it’s wise to self-critique and see if any negative patterns exist so you can make plans to improve.

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5 Ways Salespeople Fail Miserably at Achieving Their Goals

Want success? Set goals! It’s that simple, right? Wrong. Setting a goal is the easy part. Achieving the goal is where it gets tricky. To achieve our goals, we need to know the watch-outs, the pitfalls, the goal killers. Here are the five main reasons we fail at achieving our goals.

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5 Pro Tips for Great Salespeople You Can Use Right Now

Top sales performers are obsessed with lead conversion. Great salespeople stay focused on moving the right buyers through the process quickly. Amy O’Connor shares some pro tips on how to effectively achieve lead conversion – which leads to becoming a great salesperson!

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What are Nonverbals and How Do They Impact Your Buyers Objections?

Buyer objections are a challenge. They sometimes make salespeople feel antsy, panicky, defensive or even annoyed. Amy O’Connor explains that when the salesperson experiences any of these negative emotions it often shows up in their nonverbals. Here’s the big problem, buyers pick up on these (sometimes not so subtle) cues.

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