Author: Jeff Shore

Overcoming objections wall

Creative Ways For You to Overcome Objections – Part 2

There is a powerful tool that sales professionals can use to overcome customer objections: Social Proof. The principle of social proof states that people want to do what people like them want to do. When a customer comes to us with an objection, the testimonies of previous buyers are an extremely powerful way to overcome that objection.

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Overcoming Objections Part 1

Creative Ways For You to Overcome Objections – Part 1

I’ve been in the sales world a long time. And one of the things I enjoy the most is working with salespeople on how to help their customers overcome purchase objections. First of all, we need to understand that a customer without an objection is not a customer at all. Having an objection means the customer is engaged in the purchase process.

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Change Mind About Closing

8 Ways to Change The Way You Think About Closing

What is your first thought when you hear the word “closing?” Unfortunately, too many salespeople have negative thoughts about this fundamental part of the sales process. Here are 8 truths about closing that will radically affect any negative “juju” you may have about closing

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Buyers Remorse

Is Your Customer Experiencing Buyer’s Remorse? Here’s why

We all know that buyer’s remorse is a very real phenomenon. Buyer says yes. Buyer walks away. Buyer has second thoughts. Buyer backs out. But why? Why did the customer back out? What was really going on inside her/his brain? Let’s start by looking at the psychological anatomy of a healthy sale.

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Choice Determins Behavior

What Are The Beliefs Behind Your Behaviors?

A customer asks about getting a deal… and you get defensive. In this scenario we see both a trigger and a response. The trigger is unavoidable; the response is entirely up to you. That premise comes from the work of psychologist Victor Frankl, and he suggests that between stimulus and response lies a choice. We cannot always control the stimuli, but we always control the response.

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Closing Dirty Words

Why is Closing Such a Dirty Word?

If you want to disrespect your customer, try this: force them to ask you the buying question. Wait for them to come to you – hat-in-hand – asking permission to buy. Talk about discomfort for your customer. The job of the sales professional is to make it easy for the customer to buy. Forcing them to ask the question is anything but easy.

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Young Person Dreaming

We’re All In 1 of 3 Groups, What Group Are You In?

I recently had the great privilege to speak to students in an economics class at Antelope High School in the Sacramento area. The subject was “Entrepreneurialism – What it is and Why it Matters.” The most enjoyable part of the class was the Q&A time. It was quite a revealing discussion that essentially divided the class into three groups.

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3 Priorities for Your Brand New Sales Managers

Like most people, I was thrown into the sales management fire. I was a success in sales and someone saw leadership potential. Next thing I knew I was sitting there with new business cards that said “Sales Manager.” (Training complete.) Sound like your journey? It is a very common path. Here is a list of 3 priorities for undertrained sales managers.

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Engage Customers Emotionally

3 Ways to Engage Your Customer Emotionally

The Problem: sales demonstrations based on facts and features. The Conflict: customer’s make purchase decisions based on emotions. In fact, take emotion away and a customer literally cannot make a decision. Here are three ways you can engage your customers emotionally.

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