Author: Jeff Shore

Engage Customers Emotionally

3 Ways to Engage Your Customer Emotionally

The Problem: sales demonstrations based on facts and features. The Conflict: customer’s make purchase decisions based on emotions. In fact, take emotion away and a customer literally cannot make a decision. Here are three ways you can engage your customers emotionally.

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Positive Outlook

Here’s How Positivity Makes You a Better Salesperson

There is an aura to positivity – an undefined and highly contagious energy. We gravitate to positive people. We’ll even pay for positivity. Salespeople share many similar attributes, but a common thread among the sales elite is an infectiously positive outlook.

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Price Fixation

3 Ways You Can Conquer Customer Price Fixation

What is it about customers that causes them to fixate on price? I mean, you have a great product and outstanding service – don’t they care about these things? Many factors are actually at play in this situation. But for this discussion, we’ll look at three key issues, all of which come in the form of cognitive biases – or mental inclinations.

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Dreaded Meeting

Is It Time to Completely Rethink Your Sales Meetings?

In the past, so-called sales meetings were often negative, punishing, and entirely unbearable. The atmosphere was totally toxic and by the time the meeting ended the salespeople were horribly deflated. Thank goodness we’ve evolved, right? Right? Here’s a question for all you sales leaders. What would your salespeople say about your sales meetings?

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Restoring Sanity

4 Ways to Restore Your Sanity on A Bad Sales Day

We must deal with a common fact in the world of sales: we only have limited control over our environment. Despite your plans for a productive day, there is a constant stream of variables that can pop up and rob us of our productivity. Sometimes all it takes is to step back and reassess what you CAN control in the situation.

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Brain Strain

How to Make It Easy for Your Customer to Buy from You

Decision-making is really an exercise in how to process uncertainty. Even small decisions cause uncertainties that increase our mental dissonance. The task of the salesperson is to make it easy for a buyer to buy. Our responsibility is to move our customer from cognitive strain to cognitive ease; from disfluency to fluency.

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