Author: Jeff Shore

Stretch Your Brain

Need to Reboot Your Sales Career? Stretch Your Brain

Maybe you’ve felt this, you haven’t stopped selling, but like the classic B.B. King song says, the thrill is gone. You do the same thing day in and day out. You might be in a rut, and rarely do we naturally, smoothly, and slowly come out of a rut. Here is one solid strategy to follow to get out of that rut.

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Increase Trust

3 Ways to Increase Your Customer’s Trust in You

Customers lie all the time, but why? I posed this question to an expert on a recent podcast recording. Steven Gaffney specializes in this sort of thing. I asked him straight up – why do customers lie? Gaffney suggests that the core issue is not moral depravity but rather fear. Customers lie because there is an underlying fear issue.

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Mental Game Film

2 Questions to Ask When Reviewing Your Mental Game Film

Professional athletes watch their performance after the fact to see what they did well and what they could improve upon. I think that salespeople should do the same thing, but we tend to wrap up a sales conversation and immediately go back to our last task or our next assignment. Why not take just 30 seconds to review some game film?

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Dangers in Discomfort

Why Your Sales Discomfort is Dangerous

Yielding can keep us alive, or it can also kill our productivity, our creativity, and our relationships. Yielding prevents us from acting when action is necessary. It deters us from making bold decisions and it dramatically, even tragically, limits our potential. But, yielding is a choice, it is a conscious act of the will.

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4 Steps to Better Sales Skills

4 Quick Steps to Help You Develop Better Sales Skills

Too many sales people avoid failure at any cost. After all, failure is not an option, right? If we never try we never fail. And while that might mean less frustration in life, it also means zero growth. Here are four steps that will lead to better skills development.

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Summit 2017 FB Ads 1200x628 (57)

Why You Should Join America’s Top Sales Leaders in San Diego

What are your plans for August 17-18? What if you decided you were going to spend those two days learning how to maximize your market, equip your team and elevate your leadership? The Shore Consulting team is gearing up for the 9th annual Sales Leadership Summit in sunny San Diego, and—trust me—it will be a good one.

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Key to Success

Why Confidence is a Vital Key to Your Success

I think confidence is one of the most under-appreciated, underrated skill sets of great professionals. This is particularly true for you as a sales professional. That’s because, in the sales process, you need to have enough confidence for you and for your customer.

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Don't Make Your Customer Cry

Don’t Make Your Customer Cry – Based on a True Story

We tend to frame situations from our own perspective; it makes it far easier to make sense of the world. But, as seen in my story about Judy, assumptions can get you into hot water. What makes things worse is that we create these assumptions in an attempt to better relate to people or situations.

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