Author: Ryan Taft

Angry Customer

5 Ways to Win Over Your Mean, Nasty & Crazy Customers

As Ryan Taft works with sales pros across the country, he hears horror stories of nasty and contentious customers that even the best of the best would want to avoid. But, nasty people are a huge opportunity for you to close more sales. Most people have zero desire to work with someone who is “difficult.” They are virtually an untapped market.

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Sales Rally

Do You Hold Sales Meetings or Sales RALLIES?

As a sales manager, one of your toughest tasks is to come up with ideas for effective sales rallies. Unfortunately, many sales rallies (a.k.a. meetings) are thrown together at the last minute. If you want your team to have a “Let’s go crush it this week!” attitude, here are a few ideas to implement into your next rally (not meeting!).

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Emotional Endorsement

Why Your Emotional Endorsement Matters to Your Buyer

As a sales person, you should use Emotional Endorsement to promote your product or service before your customer is even introduced to it, sees it, or uses it. Unfortunately, most salespeople become desensitized to their own product and service. Ryan Taft shows you how to intensify your customers’ experience, to maintain excitement about your product or service.

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3 Ways to Impress Customers

3 Surprising Ways to Impress Your Customers

Impressing customers isn’t actually that hard to do – if you are consciously intentional about doing so. Unfortunately, too many salespeople have put customer service on cruise-control – and the customer can tell! Here are three simple but surprising ways to impress your customers right now.

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3 Keys to Creating Your Million-Dollar Work Ethic

Too many people determine the “what” of goal setting yet never get into action or gain any momentum because their work ethic isn’t equal to the size of their goals. Ryan Taft shares three keys to creating a million dollar work ethic that can help you make this your best sales year yet!

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3 Common Obstacles Blocking Your Sales Goals

Any time you shoot for more than the status quo, you raise your “test potential.” And these tests typically come through obstacles – obstacles that threaten to throw you off course. The question is… will you pass the test?

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