Prospects into Advocates

3 Ways to Turn Your Prospects Into Advocates

The prospect in front of us is ready, willing and able to purchase. But, oftentimes, there is one or more purchase decision-makers lurking in the background, waiting to scuttle the deal. How do we influence that “absentee” prospect when we may never get a chance to talk to them?

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3 Keys to Creating Your Million-Dollar Work Ethic

Too many people determine the “what” of goal setting yet never get into action or gain any momentum because their work ethic isn’t equal to the size of their goals. Ryan Taft shares three keys to creating a million dollar work ethic that can help you make this your best sales year yet!

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5 Ways Salespeople Fail Miserably at Achieving Their Goals

Want success? Set goals! It’s that simple, right? Wrong. Setting a goal is the easy part. Achieving the goal is where it gets tricky. To achieve our goals, we need to know the watch-outs, the pitfalls, the goal killers. Here are the five main reasons we fail at achieving our goals.

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Why Do 92% of Our New Years Resolutions Fail?

Research suggests that a whopping 92% of new year’s resolutions fail. But why? What is behind that spectacular failure rate? The problem is that new year’s resolutions (or any other type of whimsical goal) are lacking one key and critical success component: goal clarity.

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Do You Plan for Obstacles When Setting Goals?

Goals are exciting! When we think about goals we think about heading to a place we’ve never been before. A “promised land” where benefits abound and dreams await. The anticipation gives us hope, energy and enthusiasm. Until we run into our first obstacle.

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