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The 4:2 Formula Academy

The 4:2 Formula Academy is an intensive training program that equips real estate sales pros with modern selling strategies and skills designed for today’s buyers and today’s market.

Academy graduates master Jeff Shore’s strategic selling structure to discover their customer’s mission, create a compelling experience, overcome objections and close the sale without relying on an outdated and scripted ‘critical path’ presentation.


Event: The 4:2 Formula Academy

Type of Event: 12-Week Certification Program

Workshop Length: 3-day

Date and Location: Scottsdale, June 20 – 22

Loews Coronado Bay Resort

Join us for The 2017 Jeff Shore Sales Leadership Summit & Expo to become a better leader for your team, grow in ways you never thought possible, and take your career to the next level.

At this premier industry gathering, you will learn from the best of the best about what it takes to make you a better leader, manager, and coach with more insights, more actionable strategies, and more “ah ha” moments than ever before.

You will come away from the Summit confident that you possess the tools and knowledge not only to succeed, but to truly change your world.

By joining the Early Bird Access list, not only are you first in line when tickets go on sale, but you’ll also SAVE $600!

Map of Loews Coronado Bay Resort in San Diego, California

Event: The 2017 Jeff Shore Sales Leadership Summit & Expo

Event Length: 2-day

Event Dates: August 17-18

Event Location: Coronado, CA

Type of Event: Summit & Expo with Jeff Shore and Guest Speakers

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