Let the Debate Begin

In last week’s newsletter we posed the following question in our weekly poll:

If you had to select only one sales objective, which of the following would you say is most important to the success of a new home salesperson?

a) Building a Strong Relationship with the Customer

b) Asking Great Questions to Assure Understanding

c) Knowing the Product Exceedingly Well

d) Asking for the Sale

The results at the time of this writing:

a) 37%

b) 29%

c) 2%

d) 32%

So “building the relationship” was the front-runner, but “asking for the sale” and “asking great questions” were within striking distance. (I added “product knowledge” just to see the response; didn’t figure it would get much action.)

Two people this week asked me to weigh in on the subject, and weigh in I shall. I’ll make my comments, but I’ll ask you to do the same. You’ve voted by now (haven’t you?), so just take a moment and tell me why you voted as you did in the response box below.

I know that at least 2/3 of you will disagree with me no matter what I say, but I’m up for a good old-fashioned donnybrook so don’t hold back.

Jeff says (drumroll, please) …. “B” – Asking Great Questions to Assure Understanding. Now allow me to explain why I’m right and the majority of you are wrong. ; )

I arrive at my answer through process of elimination.

  • I did not choose “A” because there is no clear definition on the issue between most salespeople and their competitors. That is, your competition is likely to be staffed by salespeople with the ability to build a relationship with the customer. It’s one of the undeniable job requirements for a new home salesperson. Lots of salespeople can build strong relationships; I need to stand apart.
  • I did not choose “C” because I’ve seen too many salespeople who abuse this area. They end up taking a ‘jam the product knowledge down their throat’ mentality. You end up with massive feature-dumping.
  • I did not choose “D” because you have no position to close without adequate knowledge of the prospect. Closing is about reaching a solution, and you cannot reach a true solution until you have accurately identified the problem.

So that’s my answer and I’m sticking to it. Now I leave it to you to tell me why I’m right or why I’m wrong. Let the debate begin!

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