A Tough/Great Week

sad-happyFor personal reasons which I’ll not go into at this time, it was a tough week for me. It happens. That is, life happens.

But I’ll go back to last Wednesday. I was in St. Louis to work with one of my favorite companies – McBride and Sons. I confess that due to life circumstances I was not in the right mindset that morning in my hotel room. I was not “feeling it”. I had work to do, but my mind and spirits were elsewhere.

Ever get that way? You have a job to do, but life throws its curveballs at you unexpectedly and suddenly you find it difficult to muster the positive energy to do your job. So what do you do, for example, when it’s time to greet a customer but you are just not feeling like your best self?

I’ll tell you what I did last Wednesday. I made a conscious decision to get over myself and, for the time I was with this sales team, to pour my heart and soul into the immediate task. In focusing on the salespeople instead of my own concerns I was able to use the time to step away from all that ailed me. And by the way, it was a fantastic day!

Can I encourage you to recall that lesson when you’re not “feeling it”? Get over yourself and get into your customer. You just might change their world…and yours too!


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About the Author: Jeff Shore

Jeff Shore

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