I always love stories, tips and techniques from sales professionals who go out of their way to do a thousand little things right. Want an example? I had posted the tip of having the customer place their own sold button on the topo table after they purchased. Bob Bekins took that one step further…

…AND take a picture of the them putting the Sold Button on the board.  I send it to them the next day when they are saying to themselves, “What were we thinking?!”  Then they see this picture of them smiling and relieved and it helps them to pick up the excitement again.  My email reads something like, “Here is the picture of the Happy Couple.  Please let me know if you have any questions and remember there is a prize for coming up with one that I have never heard before.  Can’t wait to hand you your keys in time for Christmas in your new home.”  (I move that around throughout the year to Valentines Day, their Anniversary, a Birthday, Fourth of July.)

What are you doing the qualifies as that extra effort – the advantage that will get you more than your fair share of success?

After all, it’s the little things that change people’s world….