How to Create an Amazing ‘Front Stage’ Experience for Your Customer

By Jeff Shore

Amazing ExperienceThe world of theater arts offers a myriad of lessons to the world of business and, especially, to the world of sales and customer service.

And one of the most powerful concepts we can study is the idea of the “front stage” and the “back stage”.

It’s something I talk about with my own team all the time.

The front stage represents what the customer sees.

Front stage concerns include everything from general impressions to specific details.

Sales presentations, marketing materials, correspondence, web site, and customer conversations all exemplify elements of our front stage efforts. That includes every e-mail and every phone call – anything the customer sees.

The back stage enables the front stage.

The back stage exists to create incredible front stage experiences.

One misstep in the back stage and the front stage loses impact. And each additional misstep reduces the front stage impact exponentially.

Organizations need to understand that a fantastic front stage “show” depends upon complete appreciation of, and cooperation with, the efforts and employees on the back stage.

Just because the front stage receives the limelight does not make it more important.

In fact, I have yet to see an award-winning front stage cast supported by a weak back stage team.

Consider this question as the topic for your next team meeting: How does our front stage support our back stage, and vice versa?

Get both your front stage and back stage working seamlessly and you will leave the audience clamoring for more!

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About the Author: Jeff Shore

Jeff Shore
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