By Jeff Shore
You’re in sales – you need constant motivation.

You’re in sales – you need solid technique.

You’re in sales – you need to understand the buyers mind.

Where can you meet all these needs? Listen to podcasts.

It amazes me that more people don’t do this. Podcasts are an amazing resource that can help you in just about any aspect of your sales game.

I regularly listen to (and am seriously challenged by) Tim Ferris, Dan Sullivan, Malcolm Gladwell, and a host of sales experts.  I am better at what I do when I listen to the counsel and perspective of others.

If you’re in sales, here are the best sales podcasts to get you started:

Great Sales Podcast #1: Salesman.Red with Will Barron

No punches pulled. Straightforward and without fluff.  Interesting guests, yes, but Will Barron is just a solid thinker and a good guy.

Great Sales Podcast #2: Accelerate! with Andy Paul

Andy Paul is a walking contradiction in that he is a down-to-earth intellectual. He knows what you are thinking and asks the questions you would ask if you were hosting the show. Nothing flashy or flamboyant – just solid instruction from top-notch guests.

Great Sales Podcast #3: Into the Arena with Anthony Iannarino

Anthony goes well beyond the area of sales, even though he is a solid sales thinker. His blog has tens of thousands of regular readers and his podcast redefines the word “interesting.” The most intriguing guests you’ll find anywhere.

Great Sales Podcast #4: The Ziglar Show with Tom Ziglar

Solid pedigree passed on in the family. I grew up listening to Zig Ziglar (See You at the Top might be the most-marked book in my library). It’s wonderful to hear the best of Zig, updated to today’s environment.

As a sales professional, it’s essential that you make it a point to feed your brain. Find the resources that will help you maximize your potential and utilize them regularly. I guarantee you’ll never regret it.