By Jeff Shore
Dreaded Meeting
One of my associates, Ryan Taft, often talks about his “behind-the-scenes” discussions with peers about sales meetings. His manager would call them “meetings.” The sales team saw them more like “massacres.”

Consider their telling proverb about these events: “Come to the meeting to get your beating.”

These so-called sales meetings were negative, punishing, and entirely unbearable. The atmosphere was totally toxic and by the time the meeting ended the salespeople were horribly deflated.

Thank goodness we’ve evolved, right?


Here’s a question for all you sales leaders. What would your salespeople say about your sales meetings?

You might not like to hear this but the vast majority of salespeople still view sales meetings as negative experiences.

Something needs to change.

Fortunately, the starting place is not terribly complicated. It’s a simple change…with huge implications.

The Remedy

If you want to upgrade your sales meeting experience, consider this one important change.

Stop calling it a sales meeting.

Start calling it a sales rally.

It sounds like a simple thing, but think it through.

What do most people think about meetings?

  • Dull
  • Uninspiring
  • Time-wasting
  • Not helpful

What do most people think about rallies?

  • Fun
  • Inspirational
  • Motivational
  • Good for the spirit

Your salespeople are in the trenches all week long. They need an opportunity to come together and regroup in a way that positively prepares them for the battle ahead.

Your Assignment

Rename your meetings. Starting today, refer to them as sales rallies.

Then treat them like rallies.

  • Have upbeat music playing as the team arrives. Play it again when they leave.
  • Decorate the room. Posters, streamers, etc.
  • Stop at the donut shop and pick up a couple dozen treats.
  • Inspire the sales team with upbeat testimonials.
  • Show an inspirational YouTube video.

Follow your gut on this. Be a salesperson again for a moment. What would you want out of your weekly meeting?

Wait. Scratch that… What would you want out of your weekly rally?

Answer that question and make some changes. You’ll change your team’s world – so they can go out and change their customer’s worlds.



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