By Amy O’Connor

Don't Listen to 1 Percent

You are a professional. Top notch. Therefore, I’m certain you have a process – a sales path that you follow with your customers.

Kudos to you. And I’m sure that you are consistently looking for ways to improve your technique.


There is one place I would tell you not to look for sales advice: the 1%.

No, I’m not talking about the top 1% of sales performers. I’m talking about the 1% of your customers.

You know, the 1% of your customers that, even at your best, you can’t seem to please.

The 1% of your customers that doesn’t like anything you ask, do or say.

The 1 % of your customers that makes you doubt and question every part of your sales process.

Do you know them?

Of course, you do, we’ve all had to deal with the 1%. And we all have stories to tell about it!

But here’s the key…

Don’t change for the 1% of your customers.

I tell all my clients, I don’t train to the 1%, and I don’t change for the 1%.

Nothing ever works 100% of the time. Just do what works for 99% of your customers and don’t let the 1% get in your head.

Don’t shy away from a great discovery question just because one customer didn’t like it.

Don’t avoid asking for the sale just because one customer took offense that you asked.

And certainly, don’t stop following-up because one customer didn’t like that you called them.

Serve the 99%, and serve them well.

When you change for the 1% you are cheating 99% of your customers out of your well-formulated sales path, and that benefits no one.

So, go out there and crush it – with 99% of your customers!