By Jeff Shore
Positive Outlook

“When you are a pessimist and bad things happen, you live it twice.” Amos Tversky

There is an aura to positivity – an undefined and highly contagious energy. We gravitate to positive people. We’ll even pay for positivity.

I chose my physician, Dr. Lee Rice, not simply based on his medical knowledge (which is amazing), but on his positive outlook to healthy living. His approach to treatment is not to fix what goes wrong. He is far more concerned about promoting a healthy, full life. He is neither flashy nor charismatic, yet he oozes positivity.

This is also the case with the best sales professionals on the planet. Salespeople share many similar attributes, but a common thread among the sales elite is an infectiously positive outlook.

The Effects of Optimism

Optimism is more than having a positive outlook as you go about your days. The effect of optimism on the mindset of your customers cannot be understated.

Essentially, optimism lowers stress. Positive energy brings about cognitive ease in your customer’s mind. It’s easier to make decisions in the state of cognitive ease than in the state of cognitive strain.

But it’s not only true about your customers. Optimism is contagious to everyone around you – your peers, your friends, and your family.

We are at our best when we live holistic lives. Optimism is not a trait we “turn on” when it’s time to meet a prospect. For top sales professionals, positivity is a lifestyle.

The Effects of Negativity

Consider the alternative.

Imagine the following descriptions:

  • The snarky masseuse
  • The pessimistic physician
  • The depressed priest
  • The cynical door-to-door salesperson

It sounds like a joke when you read this list. It’s oxymoronic.

Negative people drive others away. They live in a toxic bubble no one else wants to “pop” into. The old saying that “misery loves company” is patently false. Misery doesn’t love company – misery loves confirmation.

Career/Life Advice

The bottom line is you influence the people around you, both in your job and in your life. So, consider adopting this mantra:

Be the person you want to hang out with.

I’ll leave you with a final word on this topic by Winston Churchill…

“I’ve always been an optimist. Frankly, I never saw much use in being anything else.”