3 Closing Techniques for Your “Non-Urgent” Buyer

By Amy O’Connor

Non Urgent Customer

It’s every salesperson’s worse nightmare – the non-urgent buyer. The buyer who says they are in no rush to make any type of decision. In fact, they may not even buy at all according to them.

You know what this typically is? B.S. – buyer strategy! It’s important to understand that the buyer’s number one strategy is to appear non-urgent in front of a sales person.

So how do you close the “non-urgent” buyer?

#1: Mindset. Recognize That They Are More Urgent Than They Might Appear.

People always have something better to do than spend their time with a salesperson. Am I right? Actually, I think that if we asked people “Hey, what’s the worst thing you could think to do right now?” They would probably say: #1: deal with their cable company, #2: go in for major surgery or #3: spend time with a sales person.

That said, if they are standing in front of you talking to you, it probably means they are more serious about making a purchase decision than they are letting on. Don’t shy away from closing questions – go all in!

#2: Help Them Increase Their Own Urgency

Creating urgency is not about being pushy or manipulative. The best urgency is showing the buyer how their life or business will improve once they buy your product or service and how. Inversely, your buyer’s current dissatisfaction with their present circumstances will only be prolonged and possibly exacerbated if they don’t buy.

Paint the picture. Talk it through. Have the buyer describe what life looks like if they don’t make a change or a purchase decision. Show them the future dissatisfaction that comes with indecision and allow them to lead themselves to the logical conclusion (a.k.a ‘the close’).

#3: Introduce The Idea of What Happens If They Wait To Buy

Let the buyer know what might happen if they wait – will the opportunity to purchase be gone? Will the price go up? Will they have to wait longer?

When done in the best interest of the customer, having a clear “why buy now message” is helpful to them in their decision making process. As long as you are being truthful, explaining the downsides to waiting is actually in the best interest of your buyer and also your responsibility.

Don’t let buyer strategy derail you. Recognize that all buyers have urgency even if it’s not directly apparent. They are standing in front of you, assume the urgency and go for the close!


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About the Author: Amy O'Connor

Amy O'Connor
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