[FREE WEBINAR] 5 Coaching Hacks To Help You Maximize Your Impact

By Jeff Shore
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Are the daily demands of the job pulling you in 10 different directions at the same time? Is it increasingly difficult for you to find time to do what really matters: coach your salespeople?

In this hard-working, real-world webinar, I’ll teach you five coaching hacks used by some of the best in the business to maximize their impact with minimum overhead.

These are field-tested, proven techniques that are simple to implement. Get more out of your day to day coaching efforts by learning how to:

  • Coach on the phone in less than five minutes
  • Coach in small groups with maximum participation and minimum preparation
  • Establish a “Coaches Corner” segment in your weekly sales rallies
  • Coach electronically – minor effort and major impact
  • Delegating coaching to your star performers

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About the Author: Jeff Shore

Jeff Shore
Jeff Shore is a highly sought-after sales expert, speaker, author and consultant whose innovative and real-world selling strategies help you to change your mindset and change your world. His latest book, "Closing 2.0," is now available. Learn more at jeffshore.com and follow Jeff on Facebook and LinkedIn.