By Amy O’Connor
Win the Toss-Up Sales
There are a certain percentage of your sales that you were always going to get. The buyer wouldn’t even think of looking elsewhere. They love you, they love what you are selling and/or they love the brand you are representing. Awesome! We’ll take those sales all day long.

There are also sales that you are never going to get. They are firmly in the hands of your competitor and that’s just how it is. We hate to admit it, but there are some sales that we never even get a shot at.

And then there are the “toss-up” sales.

Ah, the toss-up sale. This sale is up for grabs and could go in a variety of different directions. These sales are your 1+ sales. They put you over the top in both your sales quota and your earning potential.

All top performers want the toss-up sales so there’s a catch to earning them – you’ll have to fight to win the toss-up sales! And you’ll be going head to head with the best in your industry so you must be prepared.

Want to know how to win?

You have to adopt a maximum market share mindset!

How do you adopt a maximum market share mindset? Ask yourself this question: what am I willing to do above and beyond other sales people in my market?

Am I willing to put in extra hours? Am I willing to cold call when appropriate? How are my follow-up skills? How well am I doing at my discovery questions? How’s my hustle? Am I hungry for the sale? Am I going above and beyond to serve my buyers?

You have to look at every aspect of your sales approach and put it on trial – am I doing my best in this area of the process? Am I just doing just what is required or am I doing a little bit more?

Listen, I’m not here to judge. If you’re happy with the results you’ve been getting then just keep doing whatever it is you’re already doing and forfeit the toss-up sales. Fine. Your call.

But if you want more sales than you are currently making. If you want more than your fair share of the available sales in your market, then you must do whatever it takes to adopt a maximum market share mindset.

Make the changes. Out work and out smart the competition. Reach your maximum potential and capture those toss-up sales!