By Ryan Taft

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Do you know which skill sales people have the most trouble with?

Without question, it is asking for the sale.

At Shore Consulting we have a goal to help sales people reverse that. Our goal is to make asking for the sale a natural, easy and collaborative process.

That is why we created the Closing 2.0 Academy.

The question for you is should you attend? Here are three reasons why you not only should attend, but why you absolutely need to attend!

1. Change your mindset

The bottom line is you sell out of your convictions and beliefs. If you have the wrong mindset around closing, your technique will be completely flawed. Most training I have seen out there teaches manipulation and control. Talk about the wrong mindset.

That being said, imagine if you had a closing mindset that asking for the sale was actually in your customer’s best interest? How much more comfortable would you be in asking?

2. Create a sense of safety for your customers in the purchase decision

Your customer is constantly evaluating the risk involved in their purchase decision. Too much risk means no sale. At the Academy we will teach you what leads to customer stress and how to efficiently create more safety when deciding how to move forward.

3. Master your “Go-To” close

As I watch sales conversations happen with customers across the country, one negative habit tends to show up constantly. It is what I call the evil pause. You know you should ask for the sale but you hesitate.

There are a few reasons this happens. One of them is not having a go-to close on autopilot. At the Academy we will work towards a level of mastery so that when it’s time to ask, you act with confidence!

I could list multiple reasons you should attend the Closing 2.0 Academy. If you are on the fence at all, follow Nike’s advice: Just Do It! You won’t regret it…and most importantly, neither will your customers.

See you in Dallas!

You can get more information about the Closing 2.0 Academy here.

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