Do You Know How to Use BAMFAM to Increase Your Sales?

By Ryan Taft

Increase Sales

Recently I was working with a sales rep, I will call Nancy, who had fallen behind on her sales goals. After going through Nancy’s presentation and her strongest leads, I realized a major flaw. She wasn’t using BAMFAM.

What’s BAMFAM?

It stands for:







Like Nancy, a lot of sales professionals are fairly weak when it comes to follow-up. Here’s an example of what I see as a common form of “follow-up”.

“Okay…how about this. I will give you a call sometime this week to see if you have any questions. Sound good?”

And that’s about it. Here is the problem, “Sometime” doesn’t appear on anyone’s calendar.

As you can guess, when the sales person calls, no one answers. The sales person leaves a voicemail and does not get a return call. They call again a few days later and get the voicemail a second time. I always felt like I was the villain in the movie Scream when this would happen to me.

Then I learned BAMFAM.

Think about how most professionals do business. They use BAMFAM. They don’t let you leave the office without booking another appointment. Their goal is to go from meeting, to meeting, to meeting. That must be your goal as well.

As I am leaving the dentist, they pull up the calendar and set a specific time on a specific date for my next cleaning. I even get a reminder in my email about it. When my wife gets her nails done they do that as well.

You need to the same thing. Book A Meeting From A Meeting. Set an appointment with your customer for a specific time and send them a meeting request. Heck, most of us stay glued to our phones anyway, right? Then make sure the appointment goes in their phone!

When Nancy started to book specific times with her potential customers, her sales skyrocketed. Now it’s your turn. Use BAMFAM and watch your sales explode.


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About the Author: Ryan Taft

Ryan Taft
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