How You Can Create Killer Sales Meetings – Part 2

By Jeff Shore
 ​In my first post in this series (you can read it here) I talked about relabeling your meetings. Start calling them rallies instead.

Here we will look at two critical aspects of an effective sales rally.

#1: Start Strong

You want your salespeople to feel the energy as soon as they walk into the room. Then you want them to feel the positive message right out of the gate.

A few suggestions to help you accomplish that objective:

  • Model the positive tone. It begins with your energy and your enthusiasm. Be upbeat. High five your salespeople when they walk into the room.
  • Provide a positive setting. Play upbeat music (better yet, have one of your salespeople own this task). Decorate the room. Have people on their feet.
  • Open with a celebration. Shout out to the salespeople who did something special in the previous week. Highlight the important new sales. Celebrate success.

You will find that when you start strong your salespeople are more engaged for the remainder of the rally.

#2: End Strong

If you start strong and end strong you will find that you are 75% of the way to an effective sales rally. The strong start sets the tone. The strong finish carries the tone back out into the sales arena.

A few suggestions:

  • Be inspirational. Show a powerful YouTube video or an inspirational clip from a great movie.
  • Highlight what matters. Read a positive letter from a happy customer, or do something else that connects to your core values.
  • Lead a cheer. I know it sounds hokey, but it is a great way to end on a high note.
  • Tell them you believe. There is nothing more profound than a vote of confidence from the boss before the salespeople leave the rally.

Remember, the very next person they talk to after the rally will be a customer. Did you leave your salespeople in a positive and upbeat frame of mind for that conversation?

Do this right, and your salespeople will be ready to go out and change the world.


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Jeff Shore
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