How to Boost Effectiveness When Coaching Your Sales Team

By Amy O’Connor

Sales leaders wear many hats. Probably too many hats in my humble opinion, but that’s a different topic altogether. Out of all the hats that a sales leader wears, perhaps the most important hat would don the word “coach” on the front.

Great sales leader understand the value of coaching and carve out designated time for one-on-one development with their sales professionals. But carving out time for this crucial activity isn’t enough. They must make their coaching encounters strategic and intentional.

They must be planned and executed effectively if they are to have the maximum possible impact. And they must have goals associated with them if those encounters are to maintain their purpose.

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The Goals of Every Coaching Encounter

My advice during any coaching encounter is to focus on one specific skill or technique that you want your sales professional to develop, polish or perfect. Too many areas of focus, or a topic that’s too broad, just causes your sales person to become overwhelmed and confused. So pick what you want to work on and keep it simple.

Your goals at the end of the session are:

1. For your salesperson to know what to do and why to do it. You want to leave them with clear standards and expectations.

2. For your salesperson to know how to do what you are asking them to do. You want them to develop specific knowledge and skill.

3. Know that your sales people can do it. They have practiced with you and have demonstrated proven capability and the ability to execute.

4. Know that your sales people do it the right way repeatedly in front on you. They have shown a level of confidence, competence and mastery.

Clear goals not only give you a framework for the coaching encounter, but they also provide your sales professional with an agenda that they can understand and embrace. When everyone knows what’s expected, everyone is set-up for success.

Coaching encounters fail or go badly for three main reasons:

1. They are not strategic

2. They are not intentional

3. The goals of the session aren’t clear or communicated appropriately.

Avoid these pitfalls, keep focus on your goals, and you will see the effectiveness of your coaching encounters soar.

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