[Master Class] How Do You Create Confidence In a Changing Market?

By Jeff Shore

Are the rumors of a changing market beginning to cause ripples in your organization, your sales team or even your own mind? Or perhaps, it’s escalated way past rumors and what was once a hot market is starting to cool way down.

This leaves your customers wondering… “AAAAAAAAAHHH! IS IT HAPPENING AGAIN!?!?!” Or, at the very least, causes anxiety.

You need a sales team that can relieve that anxiety!

For a limited time, I’m offering a free Master Class for sales leaders in the real estate industry.

In this Master Class, I will to show you how to prepare your team to confidently and clearly address your buyers’ concerns, so your sales not only survive this changing market, but thrive! These are field-tested, proven techniques that are simple to implement.

This BRAND-NEW Master Class will show you exactly how to:

  • Confidently and clearly answer the three critical questions that every buyer asks themselves in a changing market
  • Coach your sales team to craft a compelling “Why Buy Now” sales presentation
  • Design a simple but powerful “Unique Value Proposition” to differentiate from the competition and avoid becoming a commodity
  • Help your sales people maximize buyer urgency in a changing market to get buyers off the fence and into a home
  • Avoid creating the buyer confusion that almost always leads to a “no”
  • Prepare your sales people to competently and confidently discuss rising interest rates with their buyers
  • Keep your team positive, motivated and making sales despite shifting market conditions!

Join me for a FREE Master Class that is jam-packed full of relevant content to help you coach your sales team through a changing market with stellar results.

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About the Author: Jeff Shore

Jeff Shore
Jeff Shore is a highly sought-after sales expert, speaker, author and consultant whose innovative and real-world selling strategies help you to change your mindset and change your world. His latest book, "The Keys to Unstoppable Sales Success: 8 Mindsets of Elite High-Achievement Salespeople" is now available. Learn more at jeffshore.com and follow Jeff on Facebook and LinkedIn.