Big Takeaways From 7 Industry Sales & Marketing Professionals At #IBS2020

by Jeff Shore 

The International Builders’ Show is the largest annual conference for the new home building industry in the world. It’s an opportunity for those of us in Sales and Marketing to gather at Sales Central to “polish our skills, learn new tricks from industry experts and develop new strategies.”

And while the show always provides a rich time of  learning, when I reflect back on the time I’ve spent at IBS, I am most fond of the time watching networks expand and relationships develop over the years.

I had the privilege of leading off the entire conference with a Monday morning Master Workshop with two industry rockstars, Ronda Conger and Will Duderstadt. You can read a recap of our Master Workshop, “Shortening the Buying Cycle: 10 Danger Zones to Avoid,” here.

I was thrilled to see a packed house, and even more so to see the diversity in the room. Builders large and small from all over the world.

As I mentioned, the absolute best part about IBS is the people. So, I thought I’d ask some of my good friends that also attended the show to share their biggest takeaways from #IBS2020. Here’s what they had to say…

Ryan Taft

On Thursday, Ryan delivered a bring-down-the-house IBS Building Knowledge Session, “Overcoming Objections like a Rockstar.”Here’s what Ryan had to say about his time at the show:

“So, my biggest takeaways from the show? 

  1. The online sales counselor role will be even more important in years to come as it relates to converting leads to sales.
  2. If you wouldn’t put five year old carpet in your home, purchase a five year old dishwasher or buy a five year old water heater…then why would you do it collectively with buying a used home? Thank you Quint Lears! 
  3. Embrace objections…they are normal and healthy!” 

Angela McKay

Angela is the VP of Client Experience at Lasso CRM and a long time friend of everyone here at Shore Consulting. This year, Angela received a well-deserved honor when she was recognized as the 2019 Professional Women in Building Member of the Year. Congrats, Angela!

Here’s are Angela’s takeaway from #IBS2020,

All About the People

It’s exciting to arrive at the Builders’ Show – the sheer massiveness provides an incredible rush– the number of attendees, the never-ending show floor, and the scope and depth of the education provided.

It’s impossible to fit everything in but it’s fun and exhausting to try. The highlight for me is the people I get to meet.

In a world where business is done over the phone and online, to be able to shake a hand or even give a hug (yes, I’m a hugger) to someone who you have only been digitally connected to, is fantastic and memorable.

It creates a deeper connection and enhances the relationship. I left the show this year energized – new relationships cultivated, new information and data to bring back and share; and the best part: an overwhelming sense of optimism for the coming year.”

Cassian Bernard

I had the privilege of mentoring Cassian for an entire year when he joined my annual mastermind group, The Sales Leadership Roundtable, in 2018 and he’s been a part of The Sales Leadership Roundtable Alumni Circle since 2019.

Cassian is the epitome of what a incredible talent in Sales Leadership looks like and this year at IBS, Cassian joined several other Roundtable Alumni and was won the award as Sales Manager of the Year. Congrats, my friend! It is beyond well-deserved.

When I asked Cassian his thoughts  on the show this year, here’s what he said,

“2020 IBS was a spectacular week for our industry. I loved that there was something for everyone in every facet of homebuilding from sales, marketing, construction, design, architecture and more. 

Plus, our team was able to attend Nationals for the first time and it was night to forever be remembered.  I heard a statement at one of the work shops I attended with Jeff Shore, and his quote is engrained in my memory, “We are obsessed with where our [future homeowner] is going to, and it should be where our [future homeowner] is coming from.”  

Ronda Conger

Ronda leads the CBH Homes troops daily and has overseen all areas of the company for the past 16 years. I’ve had the great privilege of getting to Ronda and her team over the years, and she is a bright shining light in this industry.

Here’s what Ronda told me about her experience at #IBS2020,

“When you kick off IBS 2020 with A-Rod, you just know it’s going to be an amazing conference. Alex Rodriguez shared his 3 keys to success – Play with Passion, Invest in your team, and Do your job. A week at IBS is about having a passion for homebuilding, investing in yourself and your team, and at the end of the day helps take your job to a new level.

I love when I look out in the crowd and see people learning, growing, and on the hunt to be better. I heard from some of the industry’s best – Alaina Money, Will Duderstadt, Jeff Shore, John Burns, and Jane Meagher. And I loved to hear fresh new perspectives from Quint Lears, Kelly McDonald and Sheryl Palmer. Big love and thanks to NAHB for another successful IBS!”

If there’s someone who knows how to build a stellar company culture, it’s Ronda. She’s the expert. Take this photo of the CBH team at Sales Leadership Summit 2018 as evidence.

Love wins!

Lisa Meylor

Lisa is the Marketing Manager at CPS Inc., another longtime friend of Shore Consulting and specifically, the Sales Leadership Summit. Lisa and the team at CPS, Inc. have provided effective, innovative software for homebuilders & retailers for over 35 years.

Here’s what Lisa had to say about her time at #IBS2020,

“Once again, IBS was a stellar show! The weather was fantastic (remember the snow last year?!), the education sessions were even more informative than last year, the networking opportunities definitely didn’t disappoint (special shout out to the O’Neil Interactive Team!) and the vibe is a clear example of confidence in the market.

We really enjoyed seeing familiar faces, catching up with clients and hearing about their successes and meeting new people to talk about their technology goals. The key themes we heard at our booth, primarily from builders and remodelers, was finding ways to work more efficiently and enhance the homebuyer experience. Hope to see everyone next year in Orlando, if not sooner!”

Lisa and Zoe Miller from CPS, Inc. at Sales Leadership Summit 2019. Can’t wait for #SLS20!

Bevin Curtis 

Bevin is the Business Development Manager here at Shore Consulting, and she is also one of the best salespeople that I have ever met. This was her first year representing Shore Consulting at #IBS2020 and she shared her big takeaways from the show,

“What a show! With over 2,000 exhibitors in the trade show space and over 65,000 total attendees, all indications point toward a very strong new home market. I attended The Nationals Gala on January 21st, celebrating the best and brightest of new home communities, salespeople, design, and industry innovators. With over 70 categories, there was a lot of excellence in the room and the competition was fierce!

My main takeaway from the the exhibitor floor was that innovation and technology continues to be king – new home buyers want the latest technology in their homes and they expect to get it. But as for sales, curiosity and empathy on the part of salespeople are still the most important attributes. Buyers need to be heard and understood and we received some great information on how to do that effectively from both trainers and front-line salespeople.”

Bevin with Sales Leadership Roundtable Alumni, Chris Hartley, at The Nationals, NAHB’s largest and most prestigious awards competition.

Thanks to the NAHB and all who worked so hard to make #IBS2020 a success and providing our industry the opportunity to learn more and earn more!

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About the Author: Jeff Shore

Jeff Shore

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