How To Leverage The Future To Win More Sales

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Studies have shown that we spend most of the time thinking about the future.

We’re imagining what our lives will be LATER: how good lunch is going to taste, what we’re going to do tomorrow, where we’re going on vacation.

We’re constantly picturing this future, which is a way of LIVING it.

As a salesperson, how can you help your customer imagine a future with your product?

Here’s a recap of everything in this episode of 5 Minute Sales Training:

It turns out, we think quite a bit about our own future. In fact, a really interesting study done at the University of Chicago found that about two-thirds of the time people were thinking about the future.

But not only do we think about the future, we actually live in the future.

We simulate our future. We try it on for size.

So, suppose you were at my favorite place, an Apple Store, what are you doing? You’re not just playing around with the gadgets, you’re picturing your future experience. That’s the idea.

When we shop, we are simulating what that future is going to look like.

Let me share with you an important technique in the form of a question that you can ask to your customer.

It sounds like this, “Advance the clock one year from now, how do you want to be feeling about this purchase?”

Now, you could rephrase that, but you gotta get the concept down. You’ve gotta get your customer to step into his or her own future.

One other thing, how do you feel about your future? Because we live once, let’s live the life that we are supposed to live.

This is an important conversation for all of us. It’s an important conversation for us, it’s an important conversation for our customer.

We think about the future. We try the future on, and then we ask the question, “How do I feel?”

I want you excited about the future, even the future of your next opportunity. You could decide, right now, how you will feel the next time you talk to a customer. You could decide that. You get that choice right now.

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About the Author: Jeff Shore

Jeff Shore

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