Owning Your Mistakes With Customers

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“The proactive approach to a mistake is to acknowledge it instantly, correct and learn from it.”

That’s a quote from the great Channing Tatum.

Oops! My bad, it was actually a quote from Steven Covey.

Oops! My bad again! I spelled his name wrong. It’s Stephen Covey. With a “phd”.

Oops! I mean a “ph”.

You get it. We all make misstakes.

Here’s a recap of everything in this episode of 5 Minute Sales Training:

It happened. You said something stupid during a sales conversation. Now what? How do you recover?

I once said something during a sales call that was so heinous, that was so ridiculous, it was a slip of the tongue, that I’ve not even told my wife about it after all these years.

And right after I said it, I looked at the prospect and I said, “Did I just say what I think I just said?”

It was a bad one. Like, really bad.

You’re gonna mess up from time to time. You’re human.

When we find ourselves in a sales presentation where things are going wrong, we don’t have a script. There’s nothing that we can rely on to say, “Well, here’s what I do now in this situation that I’ve never faced before.”

The fact of the matter is that sales process can be hard, and you’re gonna make mistakes, and things aren’t always going to go right. It’s not how you do when things are going perfectly, it’s how you recover.

This is the idea. Just be your best. Own it. You’re going to mess up. It’s not if you screw up, it’s how you recover.

But the top sales pros know to hang in there and stay confident. That’s how they help their customer.

Until next time, learn more to earn more.







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About the Author: Jeff Shore

Jeff Shore

Jeff Shore is the Founder and President of Shore Consulting, Inc. a company specializing in field-tested and proven consumer psychology-based sales training programs.

Jeff is a top-selling author, host of the popular sales podcast, The Buyer’s Mind, and an award-winning keynote speaker. He holds the prestigious Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association and is a member of the NSA’s exclusive Million Dollar Speaker’s Group.

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