Overcoming Objections in New Home Sales

There are certain aspects of sales that persist no matter what. Objections are a prime example. Overcoming objections in new home sales will always be a skill you need to have in your toolkit.

Here are three things I know about buyers:

  • They want to buy
  • They need to buy
  • They always have objections

Similarly, here are three things I know about salespeople:

  • Good salespeople spend time figuring out what a buyer wants to buy
  • Great salespeople also find out why the buyer needs to buy it
  • Top performing salespeople intentionally and strategically seek out customer objections

It’s not enough to know what the buyer wants or why they want it. Real sales mastery comes when sales professionals unlock the buyer’s objections, help minimize them, and free them to move forward with a purchase decision.

Let me give you a real-world example of the power of proactively uncovering objections. I’ve held numerous positions with several companies over the years. That means I’ve experienced the interview process many, many times.

During interviews, I trained myself to always ask the interviewer one very uncomfortable question (at least for me). At the end of every interview, as I was thanking them for their time and turning to leave, I would turn back and ask “Oh, one more question if you don’t mind. Is there any reason why you would hesitate to offer me this position?” Then I would quiver a little inside.

This question was uncomfortable because I was inviting them to tell me their objections – about me! And let’s face it, no one likes to hear objections (especially when it’s personal).

But I can tell you I got more jobs from asking that one question than any other question I’ve ever asked or answered in an interview. Why? Because they always had objections, and I knew that.

So, I had a choice. I could walk out and let their objections impact their decision or I could uncover the objection(s) and take a swing at helping them move past them.

Here’s the key takeaway. The objection is always there, whether you know it or not.

Asking for the objection does not create objections, it only uncovers them and puts them on the table. And once they’re out in the open, you give yourself a shot at helping your customer get past them and move closer to a purchase and changing their world.

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About the Author: Amy O'Connor

Amy O’Connor brings a decade’s worth of industry experience and knowledge to her impactful and enlightening seminars. Working hand-in-hand with a majority of the top ten homebuilders in North America — as well as private and regional builders — Amy offers a wealth of real-world expertise managing, coaching and motivating new home sales professionals. Learn more at jeffshore.com and follow Amy on Twitter.