Are You Showing Gratitude to Your Homebuyer?

Are you showing gratitude to your home buyer?

Here’s what happens when a customer is going to buy a home. They need to have a level of trust. And over the last several years, that trust has been very soundly placed in the market itself. In other words, the market has been so strong that it’s rewarded people for buying a home. Trust in the market has been enough for the past couple of years.

In many cases, buyers have purchased homes, and even though they may not trust the salesperson or the home builder, they trust the market. Well, now that market trust has fallen. That market trust has eroded.

The question we have to ask ourselves is, what replaces that trust?

There Must be Trust

There always has to be trust for a customer to buy. If confidence in the market is down, you know where the trust needs to come from. It needs to come from you. 

You need to be thinking of this as a sales professional. How can I go out of my way? How can I double down on my efforts to increase a customer’s trust in me and the service I can provide? One way we can do that is to focus on gratitude. 

Now we can look at gratitude on several different levels. It could start right out of the gate. You could practice gratitude very early in the process. You could say to a customer right after that initial greeting, thank you. You could tell the customer, “You could have stopped anywhere, but you stopped here. Thank you so much, and now I’m here to serve you.” Think about the message that sends to a customer right out of the gate, especially your customer who’s a little bit nervous about the process.

I think that’s worth planning out writing down your presentation. You want to write it down and then practice it over and over so that sounds very, very natural to you. You’ll stand out immediately and build immediate trust. It’s not just how you say hello. Think about it from a different perspective. Do you think much about how you say goodbye? Customers visit you in your sales office, your model home, and your open home. Now, they’re leaving, and they’re not going to purchase just yet. How do you give them warm gratitude for having stopped by in the first place?

Have you thought about that? Because the last impression is the final impression. And those previous impressions, they last! Things we say at the end tend to be very sticky in the customer’s mind. They remember how the conversations conclude.

Here’s another opportunity for gratitude. How do you say thank you when they purchase, when they make that purchase decision, and what does that look like? What does that heartfelt gratitude message sound like to you? 

Your customer wants to know that you sincerely appreciate the trust that they’ve placed in you. What do you think about that? Have you planned it out? Do you practice it? Then finally, there’s the idea of how to say thank you and express that gratitude when they close and move in.

Is there a small gift involved? Is there a moment when you can let them know how much you’ve appreciated the opportunity to serve them? Even a plate of cookies goes a long way.

If you’re a sales professional, gratitude should be a part of your lifestyle. Yes, gratitude for your own life and the blessings you can partake in as a sales professional, but also constant gratitude to your customers for the privilege of serving them in the most critical decision they will ever make.

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About the Author: Jeff Shore

Jeff Shore is the Founder and President of Shore Consulting, Inc. a company specializing in field-tested and proven consumer psychology-based sales training programs.

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