Crafting Memorable Homebuying Experiences With Emotional Altitude

Emotional Altitude

By Jeremiah Gore

Elevating the Homebuying Experience with Emotional Altitude

Today we’ll delve into maintaining emotional altitude throughout the homebuying journey. If you’ve been following us for a while, you’re likely familiar with the concept of emotional altitude, a metric that gauges a customer’s emotional engagement with various aspects of the homebuying process. But have you ever wondered how to sustain this emotional altitude after the sale but before the home is delivered? How can we ensure that the emotional connection remains strong during the construction phase? We’re going to explore strategies to boost the customer experience, ensuring momentum from start to finish. 

The Power of Emotional Altitude 

Emotional altitude is more than a buzzword; it’s a crucial factor in creating lasting connections with customers. It encompasses the emotional engagement customers have with the process, the sales team, and the eventual home they’ll live in. Today, we’ll expand on the significance of maintaining emotional altitude throughout the entire journey and how every department, from marketing to sales, plays a pivotal role in this endeavor. 

Building Momentum Through Communication 

Referral Train Begins at Communication Station 

Consistent and meaningful communication lies at the heart of customer engagement. While you might already be providing regular updates, there’s an often overlooked opportunity – involving the builder in communication. Builder involvement ensures accurate information sharing, minimizes the telephone game, and maintains focus. Renaming calls to “two-minute updates” emphasizes their efficiency, enhancing engagement. 

Proactive Communication is Key 

Going beyond reactive interactions, proactive communication anticipates customer needs. Rather than waiting for questions or concerns, take initiative in providing timely assistance. This applies throughout the buyer’s journey; map out potential stumbling points and smooth out the process. Proactive communication exceeds expectations and fosters a stronger emotional connection. 

Trust Building Through Transparency 

Trust is nurtured through transparency. Gone are the days of hiding pricing or plans; customers seek accessible information. Showcasing pricing, plans, and relevant details online empowers potential buyers to explore at their convenience. Technology aids this transparency; consider platforms like NoviHome or Bokka Group to provide clear, indexed information. 

Adding Value Every Step of the Way 

Thrilling Prospects with Irresistible Moments 

Value isn’t just about the price; it’s about enriching the customer experience. Delivering value at each stage of the journey keeps prospects engaged and excited. Whether through informative content, helpful resources, or unique experiences, value adds an extra layer to their homebuying journey. 

Personalization and Storytelling 

Personalization forges connections. Get to know your prospects’ needs, address concerns, and use the 4:2 Formula – likability and commonality – to create stronger bonds. Everyone in the company, from sales to leadership, should embrace this approach. Be curious about their stories; building relationships is essential. 

Transforming Problems into Possibilities 

Turning Problems into Opportunities 

Mistakes happen, but how we handle them defines the customer experience. Timely and effective problem resolution demonstrates empathy and responsiveness. Customers want their concerns heard and addressed promptly. By embracing these challenges and providing efficient solutions, you can turn negative situations into positive ones. 

Championing the Customer Experience 

No matter your role or department, the customer experience is your responsibility. Building an emotional connection requires commitment, creativity, and a dedication to continuous improvement. Remember, the customer’s home isn’t just another unit; it’s their sanctuary, and it’s up to us to create an experience that resonates with them. 


Maintaining emotional altitude throughout the homebuying experience is an ongoing journey that involves everyone in the company. From marketing to sales to construction, each department plays a vital role in crafting a memorable and engaging journey for the customer. By focusing on proactive communication, transparency, value addition, personalization, and effective problem-solving, we can ensure that emotional altitude remains high, resulting in delighted customers and a thriving referral network. 

For those of you keen on diving deeper into these insights, I encourage you to check out From Contract to Close written by Jeff Shore and Bob Mirman. This book offers a comprehensive guide to creating customer experiences that not only satisfy but drive referrals, making it a must-read for anyone looking to excel in the world of home buying. 

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About the Author: Jeremiah Gore

From acquisitions to development to marketing to sales to construction and warranty, Jeremiah has been a part and led teams in all aspects of the buyers’ home building journey. He now brings that experience to Shore Consulting. Starting with a BBA in Business Management and an MS in Land Development, Jeremiah has been in sales and construction, land acquisition and development, and division management. He sees each role from a comprehensive view and breaks down barriers that can so often be built between departments. Challenging the status quo within the construction and operations teams is his primary focus though you will catch him in front of a sales team when he gets the chance.