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Jeff Shore The 4 2 Formula Paperback Real Estate Sales Book

Jeff Shore’s groundbreaking real estate sales book, The 4 2 Formula, replaces the old, out-dated and scripted ‘critical path’ real estate sales model with a fresh, strategic approach to real-world real estate sales.

Here’s the deal: your customers aren’t satisfied. Relax, your customer’s aren’t dissatisfied with you, they are dissatisfied with their current home, their current situation, their current lives There is something in their lives that isn’t working for them and they need a solution to their problem. Your job is to give them one. And the only way you can do that is if you know—really know—where their dissatisfaction lies. Jeff Shore will show you how to…

  • Discover The Customer’s Mission. If you can get to the core of your customer’s dissatisfaction—of what first got them on the fence—the sales path will roll out right in front of you. They will literally show you how to sell them a home.
  • Maximize The Formula for Change. A prospect’s current dissatisfaction, their promise for the future, and all of the costs and fears inherent in purchasing are variables in whether or not they buy. Understand what they are wrestling with.
  • Master The 4:2 Selling Method. See how to build trusting, mutually beneficial relationships with your customers, dis- cover their housing needs on a much deeper level, and prove you have the solution they seek.
  • Implement these new skills immediately! Simply reading a book isn’t enough to take your skills to next level. Learn how to engage these new techniques through diligent practice and masterfully execute them in your presentation.