Win More Sales By Building a Rock-Solid Foundation of Discovery

Master the discovery process to UNDERSTAND YOUR CUSTOMER’S MISSION better than any of your competitors. And sell more homes by focusing on your customer first.

Nothing is more important to a sale than discovery. And I’m not talking about bedroom count, price point or timeframe. Any rookie salesperson can ask those simple minded questions.

True discovery (by a true sales professional!) yields a deep and powerful understanding of your customer, what they’re going through and why they’re standing in front of you to begin with.

You cannot provide a solution until you identify your customer’s problem! You must dig deep into their motivation and their mission, and when you do, everything changes.

Based on my best-selling real estate sales book, The 4:2 Formula: Getting Buyers Off the Fence and Into a Home, this brand new online course for new home sales professionals will help you take your first steps toward mastering this game-changing approach to real estate sales and skyrocketing your commissions!

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The 4:2 Formula Fundamentals

The 4:2 Fundamentals includes:

  • Eight video lessons from Jeff Shore featuring real-world examples of The 4:2 Formula in action
  • In-depth homework assignments to reinforce the principles of the video lessons and encourage practice for mastery
  • An eight-week learning cycle with weekly emails to guide you through the course
  • A dedicated learning portal for 4:2 Fundamental students only
  • SPECIAL BONUS: Your free copy of The 4:2 Formula audiobook

What You’ll Learn with the 4:2 Fundamentals

The 4:2 Formula Fundamentals

This eight-lesson course guides participants through an introduction to the crucial steps of discovery that make up the FOUR of The 4:2 Formula.

It is part classroom, part real-world demonstration in real homes, and part roll-up-your-sleeves and get to work!

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Why Do People Move?

Moving is about change and change doesn’t happen in a vacuum. This first lesson will familiarize you with the elements of change: Current Dissatisfaction, Future Promise. and Cost + Fear. And it will show you how those elements interact to lead to a purchase decision.

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Becoming Coffee-Worthy

It’s time to look at rapport-building in a whole new way. People buy from people they like. When you meet a prospect for the first time, talking to them about the weather isn’t going to win their favor or their trust. This lesson will show you how to go deeper than that.

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Boldness in Questioning

There can be no discovery without asking questions. As salespeople, it’s not always easiest for us to listen instead of talk, but that’s what we have to do if we’re going to gain our customer’s trust. We need to demonstrate that the questions we’re asking are in their best interest.

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The Motivation Question

Every homebuyer is on a mission to improve their lives. Getting to the root of that mission might just be the most important element of the sale. In fact, if you can only ask one single question in your discovery process, make it this one!

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The Why Behind the Why

This is where all that rapport and trust-building you did comes into action! Most of the time, when someone answers a question, they are only providing a surface-level answer. But to truly understand what they need, you have to be prepared to dig deeper.

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Current Dissatisfaction

What specifically is wrong with the customer’s current living situation? Out-of-date kitchen? No suitable entertaining spaces? Too close to the train tracks? If there’s something about where they’re living now that is causing them heartache, you need to know about it!

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Future Promise

The opposite of Current Dissatisfaction, Future Promise is all about the buyer’s hope for their next home. What are the must-haves and key features that they’re looking forward to enjoying. It’s your job to get onboard with that vision and help them see it even clearer!

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Mutual Purpose

Congratulations! You now understand your customer better than any of your competitors do and you’re ready to show them the home of their dreams. BUT WAIT! There’s just one more thing you’ve got to do first: you need to demonstrate that you’re speaking the same language. You’ve got to show them you understand.

What People Are Saying About The 4:2 Formula

The 4:2 Formula gives all sales people simple and effective ways to increase their results. Those who choose to master the process quickly rise above the pack. This is the best money you’ll ever spend to increase your customer experience and your team’s performance.

Todd Hahn Vice President of Sales, Mattamy Homes

The best in the industry are lifelong learners and have a growth mindset. The 4:2 Formula is a great resource on how to move clients through the buying process. It contains information and inspiration that will transform your business and life.

Karen Briscoe

The 4:2 Formula is so powerful because when it is applied, the sales path that leads to the close will open up every time. Every Sales Professional seeking to improve his/her craft in a quest to be the top 1% MUST read this book! As Director of Sales for a medium sized builder, The 4:2 Formula is now required training and at the core of our sales program.

Patrick Crocetta VP Sales and Marketing Hometown America

The 4:2 Formula was a complete game changer for me. First, I learned that the more human being you are when you ask questions, the more human being response you’re going to get, and this is the first step in understanding WHY someone is standing in front of you in the first place. The better the communication, the better the response! The 4:2 Formula has spurred an incredible amount of confidence in my sales interactions as I learn that it’s not about sharing details of my product, it’s about gaining agreement and actually helping folks improve their lives.

Chelsea Timmons Area Sales Manager, Pacesetter Homes

Jeff Shore Guarentee

Success Guarantee:

If you complete all of the certification requirements, and implement our practices without seeing improved results in the next six months (compared to the prior six months), we’ll gladly refund your investment—no questions asked!

Meet the Author, Jeff Shore

Jeff Shore - Author of 4:2 Formula

Jeff Shore has been training and coaching real estate sales professionals and leaders for over three decades. He is the founder of Shore Consulting, specializing in sales strategies for many of the largest real estate firms in the U.S. and Canada.

His innovative, research-driven and real-world approach is more than just another sales technique; it’s a fundamental shift in how to approach the sales process that transforms the way we make connections and creates meaningful, lasting change.

Jeff holds the prestigious Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association (NSA) and is a member of the NSA’s exclusive Million Dollar Speaker’s Group. He’s a highly sought after keynote speaker who inspires audiences across the globe to change their mindset and change the world.

He is the author of four real estate sales training books and his work has been featured by NBC News, Fox Small Business, Success Magazine, Entrepreneur, and a host of other leading publications.