Author: Amy O'Connor

Top Sales Influencers

Do You Have These Three Character Traits of Top Sales Influencers

Proper influence and persuasion is about making it easy for people to do what is in their best interest to do. Our job in sales is to help people achieve whatever mission they are on. The best helpers are the most successful sale people. How do you become more helpful? Amy O’Connor says to focus on these three character traits.

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key to success

3 Keys to Finding Your Success in Sales and in Life

Success! Be successful! Work for your success! These directives are everywhere. Becoming successful comes with so much pressure. How are we supposed to become successful? The keys to success are different for everyone. Amy O’Connor shares with us three keys to making your life and your work successful.

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Sales Closer

The 3 Types of Sales Closers, Which are You?

Closing is about making it easy for people to do what is in their best interest to do. Closing in its purest form is actually all about influencing and persuading others to do things that will improve their lives, and, in that vein, closing becomes something sales people do for buyers not to buyers.

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First 5 Minutes

3 Goals to Hit During Your First Five Minutes With Customers

Ever heard the phrases ‘start strong, finish strong’ or ‘start where you want to end up’? Far too often sales people become overwhelmed with perfecting every second of their sales presentation. Amy O’Connor’s advice? Practice, prepare and perfect the first five minutes of your sales presentation before mastering anything else.

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4 Pillars You Need to be an Exemplary Leader

All leaders set out with the best intentions. They all desire greatness. No leader ever wakes up in the morning and says “boy, I hope I really screw up this leadership thing today.” So what separates the greats from everyone else? Amy O’Connor found there are four primary pillars that all great leaders embody.

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Showing Interest

Want to Be a Better Closer? Show That You’re Interested

Think about the people you most enjoy talking to, that you respond best to and open up most easily to, regardless of how well you know them. What is it that makes you want to talk to them? It is that they show a sincere interest in you. Imagine if you were that sincere in your interest of your customers.

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Pre Qualifying Customers

Why You Need to Stop Qualifying Your Buyers So Early

Meet, greet, qualify and repeat. Sound about right? This is sequence most sales people use when meeting a buyer for the first time. But Amy O’Connor says, if a buyer is in front of you, talking to you, give them the courtesy of believing that they are a ready, willing and able buyer until you discover otherwise.

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Self managing team

3 Steps to Creating Your Self-Managing Sales Team

“A self managing sales team? Come on. You gotta be kidding me. Do those really exist? Is it possible for my team to become self managing?” Yes and yes! Amy O’Connor shares with us the three steps to creating a self-managing sales team.

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