Author: Ryan Taft

Embracing Entitled Customer

3 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Entitled Customers

Ryan Taft loves easy customers. But, he loves difficult customers as well, even when they take more of our time and frustrate us. “Yeah…but Ryan, they are such a pain in the rear!” True, but here are 3 reasons why you should embrace your entitled and difficult customers as much as your easy customers.

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3 Mistakes Sales People Make When Following-Up

Ryan Taft has never met a sales professional that didn’t agree that follow-up is essential to a healthy sales career. It doesn’t matter if you sell, cars, homes, medical supplies or dog food, follow-up is essential. His experience as a consumer and as a sales coach is that there are three common mistakes made in follow-up.

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C20 Academy FB Promo

3 Reasons Why Should You Attend the Closing 2.0 Academy

Do you know which skill sales people have the most trouble with? Without question, it is asking for the sale. At Shore Consulting we have a goal to help sales people reverse that. Our goal is to make asking for the sale a natural, easy and collaborative process. That is why we created the Closing 2.0 Academy.

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Closing 2.0 Blog

5 Signs You Need To Update Your Closing Skills

When you think of the typical sales person closing someone, what’s the immediate image that pops into your head? For Ryan Taft, it’s Alec Baldwin and his “coffee is for closers” speech. Or as Ryan calls it, Closing 1.0. But what if closing was something you did for your customer? Wouldn’t that be more effective? Of course, and we call it Closing 2.0.

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hinder sales

4 Belief Issues That Can Hinder Your Sales

Whenever you find yourself dealing with poor sales performance, you can self-diagnose your issue by looking at the formula for confidence: BELIEF + MASTERY = CONFIDENCE. Ryan Taft sees belief issues in these four categories on a fairly consistent basis.

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stop saying lines

You Need To Stop Using These 6 Cheesy Sales Lines

Anyone else besides Ryan Taft believe that the sales process has changed pretty dramatically over the past decade? Silly question, right? We all know that customers research, decide and buy differently today than at any other time in history. But what about this: Have salespeople adapted accordingly? Or are we still using the same old sales tactics we learned years ago?

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Start Your Day

5 Ways Great Salespeople Should Begin Their Day

We all experience “off” sales days. You know the type of day I am talking about. It’s the day where no matter what techniques you attempt, they all seem to fall flat. As the day progresses, it just seems to get worse. Whatever the reason, here are five things every sales pro should do to kick-off their day for maximum impact.

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