Solving a customers problem

Are You Solving Your Customer’s Problem?

Your level of success will be in direct proportion to the size of the problem you are trying to solve. The most successful people on the planet embrace the biggest problems. This is one of the reasons I love sales so much. No one talks to a salesperson unless they have a problem. Sales professionals are problem-solvers.

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Anticipated Memories

Why Anticipated Memories are Key to Your Purchase Process

Anticipated memories are opportunities to take a current moment in time and decide how we will reflect back on it in the future. Essentially, the remembering self picks and chooses momentous experiences… to keep in our inner memory archive. Your customers are much more likely to make a purchase decision when they have greater clarity in their anticipated future state.

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Sales Leadership

Sales Leadership is Lonely. Here’s How You Can Change That!

One thing I know about sales leadership – it’s a lonely business. I want to encourage you to get help. You’re coming up on 2018, another year to make a dramatic impact on your sales team and on your organization. But that will only happen with solid tools, incredible support, and a detailed plan of action. So what are you doing to make 2018 your best year ever?

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4 Pillars You Need to be an Exemplary Leader

All leaders set out with the best intentions. They all desire greatness. No leader ever wakes up in the morning and says “boy, I hope I really screw up this leadership thing today.” So what separates the greats from everyone else? Amy O’Connor found there are four primary pillars that all great leaders embody.

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2 Struggles

Which of These 2 Problems Are Your Salespeople Struggling With?

Why do some of your salespeople neglect to stand firm in a negotiation? Why do some lag far behind in their prospecting? It doesn’t matter what the behavior might be. It always comes down to the same core issue, and if you know the right question to ask, you can find the fast track to behavioral change.

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C20 Academy FB Promo

3 Reasons Why Should You Attend the Closing 2.0 Academy

Do you know which skill sales people have the most trouble with? Without question, it is asking for the sale. At Shore Consulting we have a goal to help sales people reverse that. Our goal is to make asking for the sale a natural, easy and collaborative process. That is why we created the Closing 2.0 Academy.

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Stretch Your Brain

Need to Reboot Your Sales Career? Stretch Your Brain

Maybe you’ve felt this, you haven’t stopped selling, but like the classic B.B. King song says, the thrill is gone. You do the same thing day in and day out. You might be in a rut, and rarely do we naturally, smoothly, and slowly come out of a rut. Here is one solid strategy to follow to get out of that rut.

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Showing Interest

Want to Be a Better Closer? Show That You’re Interested

Think about the people you most enjoy talking to, that you respond best to and open up most easily to, regardless of how well you know them. What is it that makes you want to talk to them? It is that they show a sincere interest in you. Imagine if you were that sincere in your interest of your customers.

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