Overcoming objections

Creative Ways For You to Overcome Objections – Part 5

So you’ve done everything you can, but you just couldn’t overcome that one gnarly objection. Alas, your customer purchased somewhere else. What do you do now? How do you recover? It doesn’t have to be a total loss. Here’s how to recover and even benefit from lost sales.

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Dealing with Rejection When You Lose the Sale

Hearing ‘no’ from a buyer when we ask a closing question is never fun. It can even feel an awful lot like personal rejection, and we often take it personally. Amy O’Connor shares how to shake it off and focus on the next opportunity.

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Overcoming objections ladder

Creative Ways For You to Overcome Objections – Part 4

There is no such thing as perfect – ever. When I’m buying a product, I am subconsciously seeking to determine my acceptable level of compromise. The bottom line is that everyone compromises. As a salesperson you must help your customer navigate between their “must have” and “nice to have”.

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First Day on the Job

5 Leadership Lessons Ryan Learned His First Day on the Job

It was Ryan Taft’s first day in new home sales. There was a sales meeting that day to motivate and educate them on how to sell better. He thought, “Perfect! I love learning.” And while his sales leader taught him some valuable lessons, they weren’t the lessons he was going for.

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Overcoming objections idea

Creative Ways For You to Overcome Objections – Part 3

In this third part of my overcoming objections blog series, I introduce a method I call the What Would You Do? technique. This involves intentionally guiding your customer down a path where they process and solve their own objection. That’s a far more powerful and influential solution than anything you could come up with.

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Non Urgent Customer

3 Closing Techniques for Your “Non-Urgent” Buyer

It’s every salesperson’s worse nightmare – the non-urgent buyer. The buyer who says they are in no rush to make any type of decision. In fact, they may not even buy at all according to them. But Amy O’Connor says that’s just B.S. – buyer strategy! It’s important to understand that the buyer’s number one strategy is to appear non-urgent in front of a sales person.

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Overcoming objections wall

Creative Ways For You to Overcome Objections – Part 2

There is a powerful tool that sales professionals can use to overcome customer objections: Social Proof. The principle of social proof states that people want to do what people like them want to do. When a customer comes to us with an objection, the testimonies of previous buyers are an extremely powerful way to overcome that objection.

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Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 12.52.17 AM

Super Stupid Things That Don’t Impress Your Customers

Of course you want to impress your customer. That goes without saying. The challenge is you may have learned techniques from past sales trainings that could be keeping you from impressing them and actually causing customers to want to run from you! Watch this video from Ryan Taft to find out more.

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Overcoming Objections Part 1

Creative Ways For You to Overcome Objections – Part 1

I’ve been in the sales world a long time. And one of the things I enjoy the most is working with salespeople on how to help their customers overcome purchase objections. First of all, we need to understand that a customer without an objection is not a customer at all. Having an objection means the customer is engaged in the purchase process.

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Sales Hero

3 Critical Elements to Becoming Your Customer’s Sales Hero

From the consumer’s perspective, making a buying decision can feel like mental gymnastics. Buying is often confusing and overwhelming. Enter the sales hero – a sales professional who senses the distress and saves the day. To be a sales hero, you must help your customer achieve clarity and certainty in three critical decision-making areas.

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