Weekly Sales Tips: Lessons from My First Sales Job

We all learned something valuable from our first sales job. For me, it was all about the emotional endorsement. You can apply it for whatever it is you sell. It’s a great opportunity for you to evoke that emotion that your customer is going to purchase with anyway.

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Do You See the Market?

There is a lot of risk and reward in new home construction, so knowing your buyers is essential to success.

However, despite the research into where and what to build, few builders research how buyers finance their home purchases in the areas they are building in. Buyer financing preferences are often ignored because the data isn’t readily available or understood. This means leaving an important data point in your market research for lenders to figure out and missing an opportunity to let it inform your marketing strategy and the planning of new neighborhoods.

Understanding buyer attitudes and financing preferences is critical to adapting quickly to market changes that are outside your control. Here are the top three benefits you can expect with factoring in buyers’ financing preferences:

Reduce your current pipeline risk
Increase lead retention and conversion

Develop a strategy for creating affordability in advance of market change

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Weekly Sales Tips: What Can Be Learned and What Can’t

What can’t be learned? I’ll share three things I don’t think can be learned. They can be motivated. They can be put on fire if you will, but to a large extent, you either have it or you don’t. I’ll also share three things you can learn that you probably don’t think of enough.

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