Jeff Shore real estate sales training books

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Jeff Shore reveals how to accelerate real estate sales by delivering the unforgettable, emotional experience that buyers want.

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Real Estate Has Changed

Are you evolving with the times or getting left behind?

The critical path is out. Knowing everything about a house and its community is no longer enough — buyers are savvier and more informed than ever. It’s not about selling bedrooms, or bathrooms, or skylights, or even the house itself.

Today, real estate is about helping your buyer envision their new life in their new home.

When you see through the buyer’s eyes, you create unforgettable emotional experiences that accelerate sales, increase conversion rates, and earn priceless word-of-mouth marketing. And you will enjoy your job more along the way!

In Jeff Shore’s groundbreaking new book, Buying the Experience, you will learn how to personalize every home, engage buyers emotionally, and deliver experiences that sell.

What You’ll Learn

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5 Part Video Training Series: “The 5 Habits of Experiential Selling”

People don’t buy a home—they buy the experience of living in a home. This series will get you out of your old habits with a step-by-step guide to getting past buyer’s filters, engaging emotionally and selling the experience.

Exclusive Podcast: “Creating Stories Your Customers Will Share”

“Customer service” is giving way to “customer experience.” This insightful podcast shows how companies like Apple, Uber and Tesla create outstanding customer experiences. Learn how to do the exact same thing in your own business!

Free Preview Chapter: “How We Got Here”

What are all those real estate agents on House Hunters doing COMPLETELY wrong? Get a first look inside Jeff Shore’s new book before anyone else and discover how you can avoid the four most common pitfalls of showing a home.

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8-Week Leader Guide: “A Sales Leader’s Guide to Buying the Experience”

Don’t settle for anything less than mastery of the new skills that Jeff Shore teaches in his groundbreaking new book. This 8-week Leader Guide walks your team step-by-step through the real-world applications of the book. Designed for you to use in your weekly sales meetings, you will accelerate and multiply your sales with this hard-working and easy to use roadmap to success!

Deep Dive Video Program: “Accelerating the Experience: Making It Easy for Buyers to Buy”

This 30-minute deep dive video series takes your team on a deeper journey into their buyers’ minds and emotions. Your team will learn how to accelerate the buying experience by making it easy for the customer to buy. Show this series in three parts at your weekly sales meetings and help your team craft the perfect experience for their buyers.

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About the Author

Jeff Shore

Jeff Shore real estate sales training books

Jeff Shore is the Founder and President of Shore Consulting, Inc. a company specializing in psychology-based sales training programs. Using these modern, game-changing techniques, Jeff Shore’s clients delivered over 145,000 new homes generating $54 billion in revenue last year.

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Jeff Shore real estate sales training books
Jeff Shore real estate sales training books

Jeff Shore real estate sales training books

“Jeff Shore demolishes the old school critical path and replaces it with experiential selling strategies designed uniquely for today’s home buyers.”

– STEVE HILTON, Chief Executive Officer, Meritage Homes

Jeff Shore real estate sales training books

“This book shows you how to jump ahead of the competition and close more sales by focusing first and foremost on the customer experience.”

– BRIAN PERRY, International President’s Diamond Society, Coldwell Banker Real Estate

Jeff Shore real estate sales training books

“In a world of reality TV shows and 24/7 social media, this is the perfect reality book. The Shore team has combined their years of real world experience into one dynamic book. Read it, do it, and you will sell more.”

– ROXANNE MUSSELMAN, National Sales Vice President, KB Home

Jeff Shore real estate sales training books

Buying the Experience provides fresh and crucial insights into the life changing emotional journey that our buyers travel. The steps and tactics presented are both simple and powerful. From this day forward, we will no longer “demonstrate” our homes — we will strive to create personalized, relevant and emotional experiences for every single customer!”

– PETER ALTUCHOW, Vice President of Sales, Pardee Homes

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