Frequently Asked Questions

Training can be expensive. How do I justify the budget for sales training in the current business environment?

After years of experience transforming lackluster sales organizations into top-performing teams, we are confident that you will see a significant increase in sales revenue following our seminar. In a category such as homebuilding, even one additional sale achieved directly from this training can ensure the program pays for itself. For just this reason, many sales leaders bring our team in year after year and are paid back with tangible, lasting results on the sales floor. But, if you do not believe that Jeff Shore’s training achieves results, let us know and we will gladly refund the training fee – that’s how confident we are.

We already have a sales process in place. Will your program conflict with it?

No, our sales strategies are designed to serve as a complement to the current sales path used in your sales centers. With our customized training solutions, we partner with you to determine how our expertise can improve and build upon, not reconstruct, your current sales practices and successes.

What is BE BOLD all about?

Jeff Shore’s innovative BE BOLD approach combines his lifelong study of the sales discipline with the latest behavioral science to create a methodology that can help every sales person to embrace the discomfort of the sales process and deliver real-world BOLD sales results.

All sales people, whether entry-level or top performers, instinctively have discomforts in the sales process that they want to avoid. It’s human nature. We all have those things we should do, but just somehow put off for another day, and another. They aren’t impossible, just uncomfortable. So we find reasons not to achieve them. Whether it’s telephobia, difficulty asking for the close, prospect follow-up, or deep prospecting. Any of these can keep us from achieving our true potential.

Top performers have discomforts as well; this difference is that they embrace them. They push past their doubts to take BOLD action, building that habit until it is an instinctive, everyday part of their lives. They don’t let discomfort deter them. They believe in themselves, their product and its ability to change the customers’ lives. And they translate that confidence – that BOLDNESS – into industry-leading results.

Can you learn to be BOLD? Yes!

Jeff has uncovered the secrets for identifying and embracing your personal sales discomforts to achieve an incredible level of success with less effort and far greater results. Blending his real-world sales expertise with leading-edge research, BE BOLD combines practical tools with impactful self-analysis to create a unique and personalized experience that begins delivering results immediately. All delivered in Jeff’s trademark engaging and humorous style that have made him such a highly sought-after keynote speaker.

BE BOLD is more than just another sales technique; it’s a fundamental shift in how you approach the sales process. Jeff won’t just teach you how to sell, he’ll show you how to change your mindset and change your world.

How will Jeff Shore and Shore Consulting work with me to understand my team’s specific areas of need?

Your goals are our goals. We partner with you before, during and after a training seminar or larger program implementation in order to assess and maximize your team’s true potential. We don’t provide “off-the-shelf” rehashes of old material; we develop sales strategies to match the demands of the current market and the unique challenges faced by each individual team.

What industries does Jeff Shore specialize in?

Jeff Shore’s extensive experience in residential real estate sales have taught him how to get prospects to overcome their fears and make the single biggest purchase of their lives. He has translated this experience to a variety of other industries in a variety of price points, including other luxury items such as cars and jewelry. Recently he has also expanded his practice to help multi-level marketing companies develop top-performing sales teams. He continues to be a highly sought-after expert in the homebuilding industry, where he has earned exceptional client loyalty among both leading national builders and boutique regional builders.

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