How To Create Compelling Home Buying Experiences That Earn Referrals

A New Book from Home Building Experts Jeff Shore and Bob Mirman

A Tale of Two Builders.

Follow the story of two homebuyers who purchase at the same time from two different home builders. Along the way, learn how one home builder succeeds in delivering a referral-generating experience, while the other devolves into complications, complaints and discontent.

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    Relationship based and service driven.


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    Build a clear and simple blueprint for driving referrals


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    Get your entire Community Team 100% on the same page

Jeff Shore Has Been Featured in: Top Sales World

Top Home Builders Gain Over 40%of New Sales Through Referrals

The best home builders don’t just satisfy their customers, they elate their customers by creating compelling experiences that earn referrals.

As the market slows and recession looms, Jeff Shore and Bob Mirman give home builders a clear and simple blueprint for keeping existing homebuyers under contract and generating referral sales from elated homeowners.

Source: Eliant Experience Management, 2022

Here’s What You’ll Learn…

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“Satisfied” buyers don’t refer. Learn how to create elated buyers who passionately offer referrals.


Simply meeting expectations isn’t enough. Learn how to make promises your team can beat every time.


Learn the statistically proven Referral Driver Behaviors for each customer-facing department.


Elevate your homebuyer’s Emotional Altitude with fresh tools for creative and proactive updates.


Learn a simple system for delivering low-cost, high-touch surprises your buyers aren’t expecting.


Learn the secret to getting your homebuyers to transfer their trust in you to their friends and family.


“Two industry titans have joined forces to provide rock-solid best practices in an easy-to-read format. Anyone who comes in contact with a homebuyer will benefit from reading this book!”

– Doug Bauer, CEO, Tri Pointe Homes

“Jeff Shore and Bob Mirman have written the book our industry needs right now. Customer care isn’t a program; it’s a culture. This book provides simple but important instructions on building the type of culture that earns referrals.”

– Phillippe Lord, CEO, Meritage Homes

“Great leadership requires one to motivate and engage all associates toward a common goal. From Contract to Close is a compelling story that does just that. Jeff Shore and Bob Mirman use their decades of experience to share what it means to create a delightful experience for homebuyers as they embark on their journey to homeownership.”

– Greg McGuff, Regional President, Lennar

“Jeff and Bob have created an amazing book that could transform your company. They unlock the key to elated customers and increased referrals, implementing a case study approach that is incredibly effective. This is a must-read for anyone in the home building industry.”

– Larry Webb, Executive Chairman, The New Home Company

“Jeff Shore and Bob Mirman have written a book that the homebuilding industry has needed for a very long time. Having ‘satisfied customers’ is such a low bar. This book lays out the strategy to develop elated homeowners.”

– Ronda Conger, Vice President of CBH Homes

“An incredible playbook outlining what is required to be a world-class sales and service-oriented home builder. Love the extra focus on how to set and exceed buyer expectations. We will be sharing this book with our internal team members…and trade partners as well!”

– Scott Laurie, President & CEO, The Olson Company

“Jeff and Bob do a fabulous job identifying easy-to-understand (but often neglected) principles and ideas to amplify the customer experience! I highly recommend for anyone interested in leveling up the experiences of their buyers!”

– Jaymie Dimbath, VP of Sales and Marketing, Pulte Group

86% of Buyers Are Willing to Pay More for a Great Customer Experience

“Quality of experience” drives referral behavior more than “quality of home.” In fact, the positive impact of excellent home quality is quickly negated by a poor customer experience.

Mirman and Shore show you exactly how to boost your referral rates by delivering a “knock-your-socks-off” purchase and ownership experience.

Source: Futurum Research, 2022

“This book captures the critical components of what it means to take CARE of new homebuyers. Jeff and Bob are absolutely on point with their knowledge, insight and expertise about what it takes to excel in customer service. Can’t wait to share this with my team!”

– Bryan DeGabrielle, Vice President of Sales, Eastwood Homes

“Close the inbox and put away the phone—this book is what you need in this changing market to ensure your team is firing on all cylinders to provide the best customer service consistently.”

– Kathryn Catherwood, Director of Sales, StyleCraft Homes

Only 62% of 2022 Homebuyers Would Refer Their Friends to Their Home Builder

With over 150,000 homebuyers surveyed in 2022, this shocking statistic represents a 10-year low in referral behaviors among homebuyers.

From Contract to Close gives you easy-to-implement best practices for creating homebuyer experiences that build trust, minimize cancellations, exceed expectations, and generate referral sales.

Source: Eliant Experience Management, 2022

From Contract to Close provides the blueprint for magical home buying experiences that—when followed—will absolutely create additional sales from referrals.”

– Ralph Baja, SVP Nat’l Customer Engagement & Production, Century Communities

“If you want to know the secrets to an extraordinary home buying experience, start here. This book provides the simple suggestions that when applied will improve your customer interactions and earn you more referrals.”

– Doug Hensel, Vice President & Regional Manager, Ryan Homes

“Bob and Jeff have boiled down their 40 years of work with home builders to a very detailed set of step-by-step guidelines for turning homebuyers into ‘referral generators.’ We believe in these principles and have followed them for decades!”

– Mike Humphrey, Former Corporate VP of Operations, David Weekley Homes

“Shore and Mirman offer an engaging exploration of the homebuying experience that is a must-read for anyone in homebuilding. Their insightful, applicable, and common-sense approach is sure to keep those referrals coming!”

– Alexis Pasquarella, Vice President of Sales, American Eagle Builders

50% of the Effort Required to Increase Referrals Comes From Beating Promises Made to Buyers

Home builders who build trust and beat expectations, while surprising and delighting along the way, create elated customers who enthusiastically offer referrals.

Jeff and Bob offer up a fool-proof system for making promises to homebuyers that your team can beat every single time.

Source: Eliant Experience Management, 2022

“Jeff Shore and Bob Mirman squarely hit the mark on the single greatest objective and opportunity for any homebuilder: delivering an Extraordinary Customer Experience! Since we don’t actually ‘build’ the home, but trust it to our team of skilled trades, our real ‘product’ is actually that experience! This book lays it out so neatly and concisely, I can’t wait to get our whole team working through From Contract to Close. Spot on, gentlemen, thanks for sharing your expertise, insight and passion for the greatest industry in the world!”

– Peter Lange, Director of Homebuilding Services, Tim O’Brien Homes

“WOW! With step-by-step guidelines for delivering a consistent world-class customer experience that includes action plans for all personnel from sales through warranty, this is an incredible book to distribute to all your team members and trades.”

– Carol Smith, President, Home Address


Easy to read and simple to implement, this book was written for all Community Team members who serve homebuyers: sales, construction, design, mortgage, purchasing, warranty service, and leadership teams.

Buy book bundles for your whole team and receive complimentary copies of the From Contract to Close audiobook for everyone on your team when it’s released on Audible later this year!

A Note to Our Readers…

We teach the way we like to be taught . . . and we have very short attention spans.

We’ll keep the chapters short and to the point. We’ll tell stories to illustrate concepts. There will always be actual case studies from real home builders and real homebuyers.

We don’t embellish, we don’t make up statistics, and we won’t suggest techniques you won’t use.

We will honor home building as the noble profession that it is. And we will honor you as the one who is blessed with an incredible opportunity each day—the chance to change someone’s world.

“Jeff and Bob scored a game-winning goal with this book. From Contract to Close encapsulates the importance of teamwork within your organization and serving your customer in today’s world. We are most successful when our customer is part of the team working together toward a common goal.”

– Aaron Windholz, Vice President of Sales, McBride Homes

“We are using From Contract to Close to help bring all departments together in our goals for developing and setting expectations that will give us consistency across the customer experience. The narratives are so relatable, and the suggested action items so relevant, it has given us the path we have been looking for to make improvements that we feel confident will result in increased referrals.”

– Susan Williams, Vice President of Sales, HHHunt Homes


Designed as an easy read for all team members who serve your homebuyers. This is your chance to get everyone involved in the customer’s mission.

Save up to 40% per copy when you order book bundles for your entire team.

Immediately receive a free copy of The Customer Experience Scorecard™ to assess your homebuyer’s purchase journey from start to finish.

Create your own simple, easy and effective action plan right away!

Complimentary access to the audiobook for everyone on your team when it’s released on Audible later this year.

A big-time bonus for field-based team members who have lots of windshield time!



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About the Authors

Jeff Shore

Jeff Shore is the founder and president of Shore Consulting, Inc. a company specializing in field-tested and proven consumer psychology-based sales training programs. Jeff is a top-selling author and an award-winning keynote speaker. He holds the prestigious Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association and is a member of the NSA’s exclusive Million Dollar Speakers Group.

With over 30 years of real-world, frontline experience, Jeff’s advanced sales strategies spring from extensive research into the psychology of buying and selling. He teaches home builders how to climb inside the minds of their customers to sell the way their buyers want to buy. Using these modern, game-changing techniques, Jeff Shore’s clients sold over 150,000 new homes generating over $54 billion in sales last year.

Bob Mirman

Bob Mirman founded National Survey Systems in 1984, changing the name to Eliant in 2002. He was the first to create a national system for benchmarking homebuyers’ ratings of their new home purchase and ownership experience. Bob and the Eliant team have assisted over 1,600 homebuilders, lenders, and escrow firms in the U.S., Canada, and the Middle East to deliver extraordinary customer experiences that drive sales from referrals.

Completing a clinical psychology internship in the Michigan state hospital system, Bob moved on to the psychology Ph.D. program at the University of Kansas, leaving there to work for a large consulting company specializing in motivating Fortune 500 sales and production teams to make strong performance improvements based on behavioral psychology principles. Eliant conducts nearly 200,000 homebuyer surveys annually.