It may seem hard to believe, but 44% of salespeople give up after just ONE sales attempt.

This complete lack of follow-up leaves thousands of dollars in commission fees and bonuses on the table each year. Built around Jeff’s top-selling book Follow Up and Close the Sale, this robust Masterclass will show you the rituals, routines and the attitudes you’ll need to persevere when others decide to give up.

Two Amazing Resources.

One Incredible Masterclass.


  • Ten Video Lessons with Jeff
  • In-Course Exercises to Build Proficiency
  • Practice Assignments to Encourage Mastery
  • Participant Guides with Weekly Homework Assignments
  • A Dedicated Online Learning Portal
  • Weekly Email Prompts to Guide You Through the Course


  • The Follow-Up Resistance Scorecard
  • Email Follow-Up Checklists
  • Texting Dos and Don’ts Cheat Sheet
  • 10-Step Cheat Sheet for Fantastic Phone Follow-Up
  • Creating Compelling Video Content Checklist
  • The Top Ten Closes Cheat Sheet

Follow-Up Is NOT An “Extra Mile” Activity

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your customer doesn’t have follow-up questions or concerns just because they haven’t reached out to you. It’s your job to keep them engaged, informed and excited to buy!

This is especially  true in an increasingly virtual sales world. The less face-to-face selling we’re doing, the more that video, phone, email and text follow-up must become MANDATORY expertise for salespeople to do their jobs effectively.

“Jeff Shore has done it again! He’s managed to — in a simple-to-implement format — powerfully and effectively teach the missing link to championship sales success.”

BOB BURG Coauthor of The Go-Giver and author of Endless Referrals

What You’ll Learn Inside The Course

Learn The Buying Formula™

The Buying Formula™ tells us how people will make their purchase decision. You must preserve and sustain the buyer’s emotional energy throughout the process.

Be Bold: Fighting The Resistance

Understand what mental roadblocks are and how to conquer them. Fighting “Resistance” is a mind game that you must learn to overcome.

Setting up the Follow-Up

Follow up is an ongoing conversation that starts when you first meet the customer and extends through the purchase process.

Speed and Personalization

Time is your enemy. The more time the buyer takes in making a decision, the less likely it is that they will buy at all.

Written Follow-Up: Email and Texting

Email is great for delivering dense information. Texting is quick and efficient. Learn when and where to use both!

Video and Phone Follow-Up

It’s never been easier to create a video and send it to someone. We all have cameras in our pockets, so let’s use them!

Scripts & The Lead Conversion Hour

Script = strategy. The purpose of scripting is not to find the perfect combination of words, it’s the perfect way to double check your strategy.

Follow-Up and Closing the Sale

What’s the ultimate goal of Follow-Up, other than to serve your customer? It’s to close the sale, of course!


Distance Learning Course + Follow-Up Toolkit

“Jeff Shore is the master of follow-up, and he will teach you how to close more sales and make more money using this powerful tool.”

MARK SANBORN Author of The Potential Principle and The Intention Imperative

Managing A Sales Team?

It’s a fact: the top sales leaders are those who put cutting-edge sales training in front of their team. By purchasing a Mastering Sales Follow-Up multi-license, you’re giving ALL of your sales professionals the tools & training they need to follow up and close more deals!

Jeff Shore Guarentee

Success Guarantee:

If you complete all of the certification requirements, and implement our practices without seeing improved results in the next six months (compared to the prior six months), we’ll gladly refund your investment—no questions asked!

Color portrait of Jeff Shore

About Jeff

Jeff Shore is the founder and president of Shore Consulting, Inc., which specializes in psychology-based sales training programs. He has been training and coaching sales professionals for over three decades.

Jeff holds the Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association (NSA), and is a member of the NSA’s exclusive Million Dollar Speaker’s Group. A host of the popular podcast The Buyer’s Mind, he is the author of 10 books on sales strategies and techniques, including Be Bold and Win the Sale.