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Training is a process, not an event. Real training delivers improved performance through repetition, mastery, measurement and accountability.

“The destination called mastery is on a road called repetition”


Is Your Team Prepared For a Shift in The Market?

The truth is, most new home salespeople have never experienced a down market.

The market changes constantly and you deserve constant innovation so that your team can stay attuned, equipped and ahead of the market curve.


Here’s What Sets Us Apart

Backed by

Created by Jeff Shore, our transformational sales philosophy leverages how people really buy, how the sales environment truly works and what it takes to be successful in a rapidly changing market.

Active Field

Once finished in the classroom, your team enters into our one-of-a-kind Field Coaching program, giving them “real life” application scenarios in sales offices and model homes.

Through Mastery

Practice makes perfect. Your salespeople will continue their transformational training through weekly video training, monthly leadership coaching calls, quarterly webinars and more.

Our New Home Sales Training Is Transformational, Not Transactional.

You need a sales training partner that doesn’t just parachute in for one day of training and then leaves. That’s transactional training! One and done.

As a partner with Shore Consulting, you receive a fully designed, systematic, integrated training solution that truly redefines peak performance for your team all year long. That’s the power of transformational training!

And you can rest assured that your sales team will never sit through the same training seminar we offered a decade ago, or even a year ago!

Our Transformational Training Roadmap

Throughout each quarter of the year, your new home sales team will learn new skills using multiple methods and media that include online video lessons, webinars, a classroom-style environment and also field coaching at the point of performance – practicing, planning, and role-playing with our trainers in your sales offices and model homes where the work really happens.

Over the course of your transformational training partnership with Shore Consulting, your sales team will master their craft, convert more sales and deliver bigger profits for your company.

Jeanna Roach

“Shore Consulting provides an incredible balance of focusing on people while also having a process. We think we offer a special home to our buyers and Shore Consulting’s training is right in line with our goals.”

– JEANNA ROACH, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Betenbough Homes

How to Get Started

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Transforming the capabilities and performance of your new home sales team is an investment in both time and money. We’re here to answer any question you have about our team, our process and our results.

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Lindsey Ayala
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“Shore Consulting has been an integral part in growing our business exponentially – we are grateful for their partnership!”

– JOSH FORD, Division Sales Manager, Pacesetter Homes

All of our new homes sales training programs are built upon the philosophies, strategies and techniques found in Jeff Shore’s library of best-selling sales books

Linda Mamet

“Shore Consulting creates a culture of sales excellence with a selling strategy based on continuously-researched consumer behavior and philosophy.”

– LINDA MAMET, Vice President of Corporate Marketing, TRI Pointe Homes

Why Our Training Partners Keep Coming Back Year After Year

Bryan DeGabriella

“Since we started with Shore Consulting almost a decade ago, we’ve never looked elsewhere. Our teams believe in the training, relate to it, and apply it” in their daily work. It simply works and we get results.”

– BRYAN DEGABRIELLE, Vice President of Sales, Eastwood Homes
Rob Hutton

“I’ve been inviting Jeff Shore to train my sales teams and directors of sales for almost two decades now. Whether we’re facing tail winds or head winds, Jeff zeroes in on what’s most needed at that time in the cycle for us to outsell our competition. Best of all, my people absolutely love him.”

– ROB HUTTON, Regional President, Lennar