Episode #055: The Truth About Social Selling with Erik Qualman

In This Episode of The Buyer’s Mind with Jeff Shore:

Erik Qualman talks with Jeff about what true social selling looks like.  When you hear that 53% of millennials would rather lose their sense of smell than their smart phones, you realize that the next generation of customers isn’t going to be reached by traditional methods.  Are you prepared?  Erik has some great advice about how social media can help you build relationships with customers.



Topics we’re going to cover on today’s podcast:

[2:42] Quote of the Day

[3:32] Sales Tip of the Day

[5:58] Who is Erik Qualman?

[6:59] Reaching a billion people

[10:43] Getting past your discomfort

[12:44] Social selling is really about relationships

[14:34] The commandments of social selling

[21:22] Who are the young buyers?

[26:47] Motivational Summary


More about our guest Erik Qualman:

Erik Qualman is an international bestselling author and motivational keynote speaker. Qualman delivers 50 performances per year.

As a keynote speaker, Erik has spoken in 49 countries and reached 25 million people. His top three topics are: Digital Leadership, Digital Reputation & Ratings, and Disruptive Innovation. His partners include Starbucks, Raytheon, Chase, Sony, National Guard, IBM, Airgas, Disney and over 200 Universities. He is the #1 bestselling author of five books on digital leadership and was voted the 2nd Most Likeable Author in the World behind Harry Potter’s J.K. Rowling. Qualman is a sitting professor at Harvard & MIT’s edX labs.


Links from today’s podcast:

Homestreet Bank 

Erik’s website 

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About the Author: Jeff Shore

Jeff Shore is the Founder and President of Shore Consulting, Inc. a company specializing in psychology-based sales training programs. Using these modern, game-changing techniques, Jeff Shore’s clients delivered over 145,000 new homes generating $54 billion in revenue last year.