Episode #059: The Buyer’s Emotion Online with Jamie Turner

In This Episode of The Buyer’s Mind with Jeff Shore:

Jamie Turner and Jeff talk about how emotion plays into our purchase decisions – even online.  We engage with brands at an emotional level because emotions create memories. And success comes when we’re consistent in our marketing and continue to deliver on multiple fronts, like a snowball all those little pieces will cause growth.

Topics we’re going to cover on today’s podcast:

[3:21] Quote of the Day

[3:53] Sales Tip of the Day

[7:52] Who is Jamie Turner?

[11:51] The Importance of Storytelling

[19:19] Why are some posts successful while others are not?

[26:42] What are you reading?

[33:13] Motivational Summary

More about our guest Jamie Turner:

Jamie is an internationally recognized author, TV news commentator, and CEO who speaks about business, digital media, and leadership at events, conferences, and corporations around the globe.

You’ve seen Jamie on CNN, HLN, and other networks. And you may have read about him in Inc., Entrepreneur, Mashable, and The Wall Street Journal.  But until you’ve seen Jamie live and in person, you won’t fully understand how he not only informs but also inspires people to take action.

Links from today’s podcast:

HomeStreet Bank

Jamie’s Website

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Jeff Shore
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