Episode #078: The Sales Secret Weapon with Steve Pacinelli

In This Episode of The Buyer’s Mind with Jeff Shore:

Steve Pacinelli, CMO of BombBomb, discusses with Jeff about the impact of video on extending the relationship with your customer. It’s an underutilized sales device which can impact your customer and your bottom line in positive ways. If you’re trying to stand out, trying to not be a commodity, what are you doing to differentiate yourself?  Extend the relational experience. We’ll show you how on this episode of The Buyer’s Mind.

Topics we’re going to cover on today’s podcast:

[3:13] How are you standing out?

[6:46] Who is Steve Pacinelli?

[8:52] Commoditization

[13:09] Maintaining Emotional Altitude

[19:11] Video from the buyer’s perspective

[23:16] Extending the relationship

[32:40]  Motivational Summary

More about our guest Steve Pacinelli:

Having built a career squarely at the intersection of technology and real estate, Steve Pacinelli brings significant value to the role of VP of Strategic Marketing, and will serve on the Leadership Board with BombBomb, a software company that helps people build relationships through video (RTV). He has presented to thousands of audiences all over the country at events like the NAR Annual Conference & Expo, RE/MAX R4, Inman Connect, Keller Williams Family Reunion, and for countless state Boards and Associations, to name a few. He also was listed on Swanepoel’s “Top 20 Most Influential in Real Estate Social Media” report in 2014.

With BombBomb, Pacinelli will continue to serve as a speaker and trainer. He’ll build and oversee and the outside sales and marketing team, as well as an internal team focused on training and education. In addition to his deep insights into real estate professionals and consumers, he brings photography, video, and tech skills. He wrote hundreds of technology reviews for Tech Savvy Agent.

Links from today’s podcast:

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Steve Pacinelli’s website

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