Episode #079: The Case for the Assertive Ask with Jeff Shore

In This Episode of The Buyer’s Mind with Jeff Shore:

Are you suffering from comfort? If you think that asking for the sale is uncomfortable, if you think that asking for the sale is being pushy or manipulative, then look at it from your customer’s point of view – they came in to buy something and now they have to do your job by asking the salesperson for the sale.  Talk about discomfort. Get uncomfortable as Jeff reminds you about the service you provide to your customer in this episode of The Buyer’s Mind.

Topics we’re going to cover on today’s podcast:

[1:16] Asking for the sale

[1:46] Customers don’t need wishy-washy

[3:10] Yielding salesperson + yielding customer = no sale

[4:07] Is asking for the sale really a surprise?

[5:09] Don’t be this guy

More about our guest Jeff Shore:

Jeff Shore’s highly sought-after sales keynote speaker sessions inspire audiences across the globe to change their mindset and change their world.

As an in-demand sales keynote speaker, author and trainer for over three decades, Jeff has a unique ability to connect with audiences on a personal level and transform the way they look at what they do, inspiring meaningful and lasting change.

In a crowded field of sales keynote speakers and sales training programs, Jeff Shore stands out with his research-based “buying formula” methodology. Combining his extensive front-line sales experience with the latest leading-edge research into buyer psychology, Jeff has created a highly effective, personalized way to reset sales paradigms and deliver industry-leading results.

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About the Author: Jeff Shore

Jeff Shore
Jeff Shore is a highly sought-after sales expert, speaker, author and consultant whose innovative and real-world selling strategies help you to change your mindset and change your world. His latest book, "The Keys to Unstoppable Sales Success: 8 Mindsets of Elite High-Achievement Salespeople" is now available. Learn more at jeffshore.com and follow Jeff on Facebook and LinkedIn.