Episode #085: The Unique Sales Experience Pt 1 with Scott McKain

In This Episode of The Buyer’s Mind with Jeff Shore:

Scott McKain and Jeff talk about giving your customer a sales presentation that stands out.  You need to be distinct in your sales approach. But what comes after distinction? ICONIC which is the title of Scott’s new book.  In this episode of the Buyer’s mind, you’ll learn what great companies do that make them the standard in their field, and not just companies – salespeople.

Topics we’re going to cover on today’s podcast:

[1:04] The problem of sameness

[3:30] Scott McKain

[4:44] The distinction of the National Speakers Association

[10:02] ICONIC – Attain, Sustain, Regain Distinction

[12:32] Are you distinctive or are you deluding yourself?

[17:37] Scott’s journey

More about our guest Scott McKain:

Scott McKain is a globally recognized authority on how iconic organizations and professionals create the distinction required to attract and retain customers and employees — and stand out in a hyper-competitive marketplace.

His latest book, “ICONIC: How Organizations and Leaders Attain, Sustain, and Regain the Highest Level of Distinction” was recently released to rave reviews.

The first edition of his book, “Create Distinction: What to Do When ‘Great’ Isn’t Good Enough to Grow Your Business” was named by thirty major newspapers (such as the Miami Herald) as one of the “ten best business books of the year.” He is the author of three Amazon #1 business bestsellers.

His expertise has been quoted multiple times in USA Today, the New York Times, Wall St. Journal, and International Herald-Tribune. His commentaries were syndicated on a weekly basis for over a decade to eighty television stations in the U.S., Canada, and Australia – and he’s appeared multiple times as a guest on FOX News Network. Arnold Schwarzenegger booked him for a presentation at the White House with the President in the audience, and Scott played the villain in a movie named by esteemed critic Roger Ebert as one of the “fifty greatest movies in the history of cinema,” directed by the legendary Werner Herzog.

With a client list that represents the world’s most distinctive companies – like Apple, SAP, Merrill Lynch, BMW, Cisco, CDW, Fidelity, John Deere and literally hundreds more – Scott McKain was honored with induction along with Zig Ziglar, Seth Godin, Dale Carnegie and just twenty more in the “Sales and Marketing Hall of Fame.” After thousands of presentations in all 50 states and 23 countries, he was honored with membership in the “Professional Speakers Hall of Fame.”

He is broadly recognized as one of the most iconic platform presenters in the world — moving Scott’s hometown of Crothersville, Indiana to recently announce they are renaming the community’s main street as “Scott McKain Way.”

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