Episode #178: Follow-Up Using Video Email with Steve Pacinelli and Ethan Beute

In This Episode of The Buyer’s Mind with Jeff Shore:

Steve Pacinelli and Ethan Beute of BombBomb share with Jeff just how easy follow-up can be when you make it personal.  There are plenty of tools in the sales follow-up toolkit.  Email, phone calls and better yet sitting down over a cup of coffee.  But when you can’t meet face to face what better way to maintain that emotional altitude than sharing your excitement in a video. Not many people are using video email which is a shame since it produces so much positive reaction.  Learn why on today’s podcast.

Topics we’re going to cover on today’s podcast:

[1:14] The democratization of technology

[3:33] The new popularity of video email

[8:07] Personalization breaks through the clutter

13:11 How to solve the problem of not looking good on camera

[17:31] Being authentic sells

[22:01] What does the future hold?

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More about our guest Steve Pacinelli and Ethan Beute:

Having built a career squarely at the intersection of technology and real estate, Steve Pacinelli brings significant value to the role of VP of Strategic Marketing, and will serve on the Leadership Board with BombBomb, a software company that helps people build relationships through video (RTV). He has presented to thousands of audiences all over the country at events like the NAR Annual Conference & Expo, RE/MAX R4, Inman Connect, Keller Williams Family Reunion, and for countless state Boards and Associations, to name a few. He also was listed on Swanepoel’s “Top 20 Most Influential in Real Estate Social Media” report in 2014.

With BombBomb, Pacinelli will continue to serve as a speaker and trainer. He’ll build and oversee and the outside sales and marketing team, as well as an internal team focused on training and education. In addition to his deep insights into real estate professionals and consumers, he brings photography, video, and tech skills. He wrote hundreds of technology reviews for Tech Savvy Agent.

Ethan Beute spent a dozen years leading marketing teams inside local television stations. As familiarity and boredom crept in, he earned an MBA and did project work for a variety of companies to explore interests and identify transferrable skills. In that process, he connected deeply with bootstrapped software startup BombBomb.

When he joined BombBomb, there were fewer than 10 employees. Since then, they’ve enjoyed +16,000% growth in customers and +10,000% growth in revenue. We’re a team of 150 people based in downtown Colorado Springs who are on a mission to rehumanize dehumanized people and funding the effort by helping people rehumanize their business communication.

He’s now spent nearly a decade helping people enjoy clearer communication, human connection, and higher conversion by replacing some of their faceless, digital communication with simple, personal videos. He’s sent 10,000 videos himself and co-authored the book on the what, why, who, when, and how of this “relationships through video” movement.

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About the Author: Jeff Shore

Jeff Shore is the Founder and CEO of Shore Consulting, Inc. a company specializing in psychology-based sales training programs. Using these modern, game-changing techniques, Jeff Shore’s clients delivered over 145,000 new homes generating $54 billion in revenue last year.