Managing Remote Salespeople: How to Keep Your Team Accountable, Motivated, and Productive When You’re Not There


In the satellite nature of the new home sales industry, sales leaders have the toughest of tasks: holding salespeople accountable for the right behaviors and activities when they cannot see what’s happening.

Whether your team is 100% remote or you manage a team spread across a wide geography, keeping a sales team engaged and motivated when you don’t see them every day is HARD. 

Watch Jeff Shore and Mike Lyon have an action-oriented conversation on how to lead your salespeople – both on-site and online – from a distance. You'll learn how to identify ways to help your team thrive during these challenging times.


Watch This Webinar To Learn...

  • Keep your team engaged & motivated even when you can’t see them in person every day
  • Implement Jeff’s simple and easy checklist to help you hire self-directed sales professionals
  • Set accountability expectations with your salespeople
  • Identify the top success behaviors you need to be tracking today
  • Embrace new and creative ways to spark your salespeople
  • Leverage tech tools that will increase your communication effectiveness

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