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Jeff Shore’s easy-to-use Sales Rally Transformer™ is based on 30 years of experience inspiring sales leaders across the world to transform their lives and careers, and it will show you exactly how to:

  • Create a culture where your team is just as committed to achieving your goals and vision as you are, knowing they’re walking out the door to close more sales, not cause breakdowns
  • Inspire your salespeople to perform at a higher level by doing this one thing that gives them the clarity they crave and incentivizes them to do better because they want to, not because you’re telling them they have to
  • Keep your team engaged, on track, and focused by using a 4-point agenda that keeps your sales rallies running smoothly so even your lowest performers are inspired to double their goals each month
  • Lead your team in a specific and generous way that will create a burning sense of REAL motivation that comes from them, not from you having to threaten, shame, or use lackluster incentives
  • Close your rallies in a way that makes your salespeople already feel accomplished and gives you the confidence of knowing they’re working diligently to increase sales without wasting time