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Jeff Shore Sales Training

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In a crowded field of sales experts and sales training consultants, Jeff Shore’s approach truly stands out.

Jeff understands that sales training is a process, not an event, and that real sales training delivers improved performance through repetition, mastery and accountability.

Unlike most sales training consultants that merely provides a short-term energy boost, Jeff and the Shore Consulting team partner with you to fundamentally change your sales strategies, sales skills and sales technique in order to make lasting impact for years to come.

Jeff’s innovative and proven sales training methodology blends leading-edge research with real-world sales floor expertise, all delivered with Jeff’s trademark engaging and humorous style that have made him such a highly sought-after keynote speaker, author and consultant around the world.

What makes our sales training and consulting different?

  • We don’t just parachute in for a day or two of sales training and leave. As your performance partner, we design a systematic, integrated sales training program that truly redefines “peak performance” for your team.
  • Our customized sales training program is personalized to your selling environment and designed to immediately generate incremental sales.
  • Our multi-platform sales training system supports your sales team in making these behaviors lifelong habits by reinforcing what they’ve learned in different formats and over time.
  • We support our sales training curriculum with personalized field coaching, online video lessons, lesson guides and certification tests, and through webcasts and sales leader coaching calls throughout the term of your partnership.
  • You won’t get the same sales training program we offered a decade ago or even a year ago. The market is always changing and we constantly innovate to stay attuned and ahead the curve.
  • We are salespeople too; we know how people really buy, how the sales floor truly works and what it takes to be successful. We deliver energetic, enthusiastic sales training, but always grounded in the real world of sales.
  • We stand behind what we do. If you don’t find that our sales training more than pays for itself through increased sales, we will refund your money.

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