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Cliff Stahl

“I’ve seen all sorts of conferences and workshops designed for experienced sales leaders, but nobody has built a program just for new sales managers until now. The market has been in desperate need of a program just like this!”

– Cliff Stahl, Vice President of National Sales Training, Meritage Homes

Your New Sales Managers Are Under-trained

The Jeff Shore Sales Leadership Academy

Too many new sales managers learn the job via firefighting — reacting to time-sucking tasks instead of tending to the #1 strategic priority: Lead Conversion.

Whether your sales managers are under-trained, or simply not trained at all, it’s clear that many executives are increasingly frustrated with the efficiency and effectiveness of their new sales managers.

Whatever underlying issues you face, the hard truth is that this lack of training is costing you thousands or even millions of dollars!

“30 percent of US companies admit that they have failed to exploit their business opportunities fully because they lack enough leaders with the right capabilities.”

– McKinsey & Company, Why Leadership Development Programs Fail

The Sales Leadership Academy with Jeff Shore

The Jeff Shore Sales Leadership Academy

Jeff Shore’s Sales Leadership Academy is where the real estate industry’s next great sales managers are born. This is NOT like any other sales management training course available today.

This is a 12-week immersive learning experience that accelerates the performance curve for new sales managers so that they deliver profitable results faster while making an immediate and lasting organizational impact.

The Jeff Shore Sales Leadership Academy

Jeff Shore Will Teach Academy Graduates Exactly How To:

  • Coach their sales professionals toward stellar conversion rates and profits
  • Create the confidence (and competence) to hire, coach and lead superstar salespeople
  • Quickly prioritize their day-to-day responsibilities to maximize results
  • Rapidly and successfully resolve customer issues and disputes
  • Manage sales performance against weekly, monthly and quarterly business plans
  • Troubleshoot problems quickly to fix under-performing properties
  • Plan and execute high-impact weekly sales rallies
  • Work effectively with managerial peers and company executives to drive a peak-performance culture
Nanette Overly

“Onboarding a new sales manager can be one of the most time consuming aspects of my job. And, honestly, sometimes it’s as hard on them as it is on me! But now with Jeff’s program, they can learn the fundamentals from a master. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

– Nanette Overly, Corporate Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Epcon Communities

What People Are Saying About The Sales Leadership Academy…

“Going into management, there were no handbooks. The Sales Leadership Academy has helped me clearly see where my gaps are and given me the means to fill those gaps. The Academy showed me a much needed pathway for the success in growing my team’s abilities and the confidence needed in the day to day management tasks. Thanks Shore Consulting!”

– MEGAN JUAN, Regional Sales Manager, Quadrant Homes

“The Academy has opened my eyes to see the positive way to better structure my time, in turn creating better time for my sales team. Really being disciplined to carve out time throughout the day to make this a priority was a challenge but necessary and extremely beneficial practice. It was great to network with other sales leaders and see how they navigate the same obstacles that i am facing and their way of mitigating those.”

– JEREMY GOULD, Sales Manager, Essex Homes

“In our bubbles we tend to think that we are the only ones going through a certain situation or issue, when the truth is that we are all experiencing the same difficulties and situations. Having a group of Sales Leaders from all types of builders, all over the country, sharing ideas and experiences was such an amazing dynamic. I am still in contact with the Sales Leaders from the Academy, and we share our victories together, as well as aid each other in our everyday lives. It was an unbelievable experience!”

– DAVID ZALUPSKI, Sales Manager, Dream Finders Homes

“The specific tools have helped organize and prioritize my days in an amazing way. I’m headed into my new career with a plan that will give me and my company a leg up.”

– SPERO STAVROS, Sales Manager, Hill Country Artisan Homes

Shouldn’t I Just Train My Team Internally?

The Jeff Shore Sales Leadership Academy

Most internal management onboarding lacks strategic direction and ongoing support, which leaves the new sales manager all alone to create their own set of priorities and practices. This lack of structure creates an environment of low confidence and often leads to inefficiency, bad habits and poor performance.

For 30+ years, Jeff Shore has guided thousands of Sales Managers on their journey towards Sales Leadership. As the real estate industry’s premier sales leadership expert, Jeff will personally shepherd your new and future sales managers to produce the right results faster.

Doug Hensel

“This program is going to lighten the load of executives tasked with coaching and training new sales managers and there’s no scarcer resource than time!”

– Doug Hensel, Regional Manager, Ryan Homes

September 19-20, 2018
Phoenix, AZ
The Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa at Gainey Ranch

Priority Pricing Ends In…

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4 Reasons Why The Sales Leadership Academy Is Different Than Any Other Sales Management Training Course

Other Sales Management Courses

  1. 1
    Lack of Context
    Most management courses are “one size fits all” regardless of industry, strategy or culture. Out-of-context sales management training yields low application on the job.
  2. 2
    Removed From Reality
    Most managers struggle to transfer short-term off-site training experiences and lessons into changed behavior on the front line.
  3. 3
    Mindset is Undervalued
    Becoming an effective manager requires behavioral change. But most courses fail to address underlying mindsets and root causes of why managers act the way they do.
  4. 4
    Results Not Measured
    Evaluation of sales management training usually consists of participant feedback. Trainers learn to game the system and deliver a program that is more pleasing than challenging to participants. And very few programs ever extend metrics beyond the walls of the far-away off-site classroom.

Sales Leadership Academy

  1. 1
    The Sales Leadership Academy deals exclusively with sales management training for residential real estate. It is immediately applicable on the job.
  2. 2
    The 12-week Sales Leadership Academy ties the learning to on-the-job assignments that make a real and instant business impact.
  3. 3
    The Sales Leadership Academy is built around The Sales Leadership Mindset Scorecard™ which maps out the changes needed in each manager’s personal beliefs and behaviors.
  4. 4
    The Sales Leadership Academy begins and ends with a series of Scorecards, Report Cards and 360° Assessments designed to measure progress and growth on the job. And each graduate leaves with a personalized one-year development plan to maintain momentum and secure future results.
Linda Mamet

It’s as if Jeff was reading my mind when he created his new Sales Leadership Academy. A program like this gives executives exactly what they need to extend their growth by building a leadership bench filled with superstars in-waiting.”

– Linda Mamet, Vice President of Corporate Marketing, TRI Pointe Group

This State-of-the-Art, 12-Week Sales Management Certification Program Includes:

Three Weeks of Preparation & Pre-Training

It often gets forgotten, but preparation is incredibly important prior to a management training course. In the weeks leading up to the live workshop with Jeff, you will complete your personal Sales Leadership Mindset Scorecard™, compile a quantifiable Sales Manager Report Card™ with your supervisor and conduct a pre-training Sales & Marketing Case Study on one specific property.

Two-Day Live Workshop with Jeff Shore

When you sit in one of Jeff’s workshops, it becomes clear why he’s one of the most sought after sales trainers in the world. While Jeff’s methods are incredibly innovative and based on decades of research and real-life experience, they are also easy to understand and can be implemented immediately. You will unpack your pre-work and immediately begin applying the tools and strategies that Jeff teaches you.

Robust Sales Management Toolkit

A poor workman may blame his tools, but a good workman knows which tools are indispensable. When you join our Academy, you’ll immediately gain lifetime access to our proven sales management tools which include best practices for:

  • Interviewing & Hiring
  • Coaching for Lead Conversion
  • Coaching for Skill Development
  • Fixing Broken Properties & Communities
  • Leading Sales Rallies & Sales Training
  • Resolving Customer Complaints
  • Improving Customer Experience Scores

Eight Weeks of Video Lessons & Business Assignments

Now that you know what to do, it’s time to practice. Directly following the live workshop with Jeff Shore, you’ll complete eight weekly follow-up video lessons and business assignments to help you master the strategies and put them into practice on the job. To achieve your Academy certification, you must successfully complete all eight assignments with the approval of your supervisor.

Weekly Accountability Calls

Limit your teachers and you limit how much you can learn. In addition to the workshops, tools and on-the-job assignments you’ll receive as a part of the Academy, you’ll also get support and insight from your personal Leadership Cohort—a group of 5-6 highly motivated sales managers enrolled in your Academy. Share your journey, learn together, celebrate your victories and graduate with an amazing new network of successful sales managers just like you.

Direct Email Access to Jeff Shore

Questions are bound to come up as you begin using these new sales management tools and strategies in the real world. That’s why Jeff’s world-class coaching doesn’t end when you leave the in-person workshop. As an Academy student, you will enjoy exclusive direct access to Jeff Shore as you complete your assignments, scorecards and assessments.

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About Jeff Shore

Jeff Shore has been training and coaching real estate sales professionals and leaders for over three decades. He is the founder of Shore Consulting, specializing in sales strategies for many of the largest real estate firms in the U.S. and Canada.

His innovative, research-driven and real-world approach is more than just another sales technique; it’s a fundamental shift in how to approach the sales process that transforms the way we make connections and creates meaningful, lasting change.

A fellow of the National Speakers Association’s exclusive Million Dollar Roundtable, Jeff is a highly sought after keynote speaker who inspires audiences across the globe to change their mindset and change the world.

He is the author of four real estate sales training books and his work has been featured by NBC News, Fox Small Business, Success Magazine, Inc., Entrepreneur, and a host of other leading publications.

Jeff Shore - Author of 4:2 Formula