Boost Your Sales with Referrals:

How to Create Compelling Homebuying Experiences That Earn Referrals


As the market continues its shift, customers will demand more and more from their home buying experience. The best in customer care will no longer be an optional offering.

Why? Because our future is about sales, and the quickest path to sales is from referrals.

Join Jeff Shore and Jeremiah Gore as they share advanced techniques, tips and practices that will enhance customer care and earn you more sales!


In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • Why setting expectations is not enough – how to easily exceed customer expectations.
  • Creative ideas for “planned surprises” – ways to keep your customer locked into their purchase decision.
  • How to earn opportunities to request referrals.
  • Best practices from some of the best customer care builders anywhere.
  • How to choose the right communication pattern and method for your customer.
  • How to bring the joy back into your customer care efforts!
  • How to create elated buyers that want to refer you to their friends!